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  1. Man, no need to bother, really. It will be enough if you just specify some things that i need to learn. I mean if you just say WHAT needs to be done, i'll try and find a way HOW to do it, and i won't be distracted by some unnecessary things if i know exactly what to look for)) It's more exciting than just follow a tutorial) For now i will use a separate raid controller as 3.14r2 suggested. But this way will free up some SATA ports on mobo, so i'll try to create another array, making it your way. Following your previous post i've already found some info on modifying the bootloader and also some info on kernel modifications, and feel like some kind of sorcerer's apprentice))) Thanx!
  2. Thanks, man. I was thinkin about it myself, but didn't see any raid controllers supported by both OSes in russian stores before. These examples are helpful, will do some research, thx again. Maybe it's a noob question, but my mobo specs say that there's a separate marvell chip working as raid controller. in fact, there are even 2 chips - one for SAS (raid capable, Marvell 88SE6320 ) and one for eSATA (raid capable, Marvell 88SE6121). I see a SAS section in Lion's System Profiler.. Does that mean that i can do some research and try to find some kexts for this sas chip to use it? Or maybe i'm just getting things messy again though... That sas array would be the most convenient option as it's already been tested and working on my previous Win7 installation. I'm even ready to try and make eSATA raid..)) I need something really big and fast enough to use with AE rendering, multitrack audio, 3dmax and C4D. And i want it to be cross-platform. Of course, there's always a way.. Getting a 1-2 tb data exchange disk formatted in exFAT, for example.. but it's too easy)) and workin with it, copying stuff here and there is too slow and unreliable I'm not afraid of some bit of coding, and doing things manually.. in fact i even enjoy this way - i like to control things on my machine and know exactly what was done to get a desired result. If you could give me some clue, an approach, where to START looking, i would try it - it's interesting) Searching this forum and googling can provide a lot of useful info..but in fact, it's TOO much)) I've spent almost a week here and there, just reading hack guides, manuals, all kinds of tweaking experiments and reports - it's all very interesting, exciting, and hard to stop reading - there's always "one more link to this cool article")) It's like reading Wikipedia - you come to find out about something just for a minute, and in a few hours you find yourself still reading.. articles about things you didn't even need.. but they are so cool)) Thanks again to this forum and all of you guys
  3. Update: Had to update to Lion as my GTX580 didn't work properly with SL. Now EVERYTHING is working PERFECTLY - sleep, power, reset, all mb stuff, EVEN THE CPU SHOWS its CORRECT OVERCLOCKED SPEED (2,94 instead of X5650's native 2,67). And all this is working thanks to MaLd0n, this guy ROCK! ) Man, i'll buy you a lot of beer if you ever visit Russia.. Or if i finally make my dream come true and fly to Rio )) You guys who posted here and gave me some way to search and experiment - U certainly ROCK too! P.S. Offtopic: Too bad Lion doesn't have Rosetta anymore.. I wanted to experiment with some old versions of pro-tools software on an intel system. But i still got my good old G4, so at least i still can work with PT ))) P.P.S. Offtopic - does anyone have any ideas how to have a Raid0 which is avalable from BOTH win7 and lion on a Hack?)) Can't find any kexts for onboard raid controller.. and apple raid card is extremely expensive to buy it just for experimenting..
  4. Yup, thanks, that's a great idea, big convenience. As to testing - are there some specific things that i should check? i mean, besides power-on, power-off, sleep? The system for now is behaving as expected, except sleep - i've done these tweaks to my dsdt reffering MaLd0n's file, everything seems to be working normally - os boots, ram and cpu recognized, powers off and restarts correctly.. again - except sleep. Update: my file looks almost exactly as MaLd0n's now. Sleep behaviour: at first the system does nothing when putting it to sleep, and then, in a few seconds you can hear a 'click' from an audio system - the same as that you hear when an audio driver is loaded on boot (i assume that it unloads the drv). Then you move a mouse or press a key - and there's a click again - the driver is loaded back, i assume?
  5. Shame on me.. i couldn't wait and applied that dsdt last night)) just wanted to get a working "mac" a bit faster )) The system is working normally (without applying dsdt it booted only with PCIRootUID=1 -x, CP in all other cases ), except the sleep function and all the things like normal video, audio and other stuff (did not play with kexts yet)) But reading your post i realized that you're right, it's always better to learn how to and do things on my own) I still need to patch it for my config to get 'sleep' working. Will do so. P.S. I assume things should go right, if i just replace this dsdt.aml in /Extras with my brand new one, when i get it done?)) I mean, no re-installing a whole system and all that...
  6. Hi everyone, i've a couple of quick questions about DSDT compatibility: i've searched for a DSDT file for my P6T WS Pro mobo, and found this one here: ( http://www.insanelym...dpost&p=1733899 ), which was already made by MaLd0n for Kibitz. My question is - could i try and use this one for my mobo, or i still need to install win7, extract original dsdв and find some way to patch it? i'm not sure which version of BIOS that other mobo had when the file was made, can it be a big trouble if my BIOS ver. is different? Are there any other possible issues using such DSDT? P.S. My questions are addressed mostly to MaLd0n as he was the guy who created this patched file, but any info on this from anybody is much appreciated)) Thanx) P.P.S.: Sorry if that's an extremely noob question, i'm building my first hackintosh.. It's the second sleepless night, the process is very exciting, but i feel my head is overwhelmed with info and things get a bit messy in it.. Just want to double-check things as the third night will be my last i'm afraid