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  1. No A2DP in Leopard?

    Yes it does (o; Just need to search explicitely for "headset" devices and not "all" devices..then I'm able to hook it up.. But sound quality when using with "headphone" as output in sound preferences is just awful....far away from my SE W880i or even with iTunes on Windows XP and Toshiba Bluetooth stack.... davorin
  2. No A2DP in Leopard?

    Is it Leopard or the new iMac 24" 2.8GHz machine which doesn't support A2DP Bluetooth profile? Was never able to pair my Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 with it... davorin
  3. Just got a call from ADC and the guy told me that it will be on ADC at the same time as the official launch (o; So no use of keeping people updated (o; cheers richard
  4. Nothing on ADC right now (o;
  5. NFS as Time Machine Drive?

    I can choose the NS drive as backup destination...but after choosing it switches off again time machine... With AFP volumes this file has no effect...at least not with atalk AFP shares on Linux. cheers davorin
  6. Bugs in 9a559

    And this is even more strange (o; Also had the same issue with Safari and Software Updates stalled after a few seconds... Downloaded manually the iLife updates from Apple, installed...and now it's fine again... Can download now files in Safari and also did a Software Update for Numbers/Pages/Keynote... cheers davori
  7. Bugs in 9a559

    Just setup AFP on two different Linux boxes which can be mounted just fine... Strange is that it always connects to the first mounted AFP volume... so to get to the share on the 2nd AFP drive I have to disconnect the 1st one and then connect to the 2nd one...
  8. Upgraded to 9A559 and see that my NFS volumes aren't listed anymore as a backup drive for time machine. Anybody else seeing this? Under 9A527 I could backup to my NFS drive but it wouldn't recognise the image stored on the next boot (o; cheers davorin
  9. a little birdie tweets - 9A559

    Got the latest according to system profiler and apple's website: iMac (20-inch Late 2006) IM51.009.B03 1.9f4
  10. a little birdie tweets - 9A559

    Downloaded and tried to install on my wife's iMac from late 2006... Fails with "install failed"..."The installer could not validate the contents of the AdditionalSpeechVoices package. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance." Was never able o install 9A466, 9A527 or 9A559 on this machine either through DL DVD or with attached FW drive... Anybody else with this strange problem? cheers davorin
  11. Evnin' Got 9A527 running fine on a new 2007 iMac but when I try to install with same medium on a last year iMac 20" model it fails during install complaining it can't read from source media (with DVD DL medium) or it says it couldn't install all files when I try to install from external FireWire harddrive... Any ideas? cheers davorin
  12. ADC Select Membership

    Okay..subscribed to ADC select...and you get an email next day latest with your activation code you have to enter in your developer.apple.com portal and you have immediate access to the seeds... cheers davorin
  13. Hello As the new iMacs use FSB of 800MHz...why is it available at Apple only with 67MHz SO-DIMMs instead of 800MHz as well? Is there a limitation in iMacs hardware or they just use cheaper SO-DIMMs? cheers davorin
  14. Cannot make executable

    Any reason you don't install fltk via macports? Just do a "sudo make install fltk" and you're set...
  15. Hello... If you sign up for an "ADC Select" membership....do yo uget immediate access online for the latest seeds or do you have to wait for some snail-mail to arrive? thx in advance davorin