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  1. Hi, Anyway successfully updated from 10.8 to 10.8.2 using the combo update?
  2. you can try contacting Rampage Dev directly. Maybe he can edit your DSDT for you, like in my case. you need to extract your DSDT, easiest done from a linux boot stick.
  3. Did you even read my posts? And no, no hdmi out.
  4. Hi ldpsystem2, as said above, my LAN is working. But I am actually on 7520, not 7720, but the hardware is very similar. With yours, do you get to see the correct mac address of your LAN, and if you set it to static ip, can you ping its own IP but not the neighbour? I had that. Then I install the lnx2mac driver, first the debug driver and it was working, then I remove debug driver and install the normal driver and it was working fine. You can get in touch with the lnx2mac developer on his blog. He is very helpful although you may have to wait a while till he responds.
  5. I kind of stopped "working" on it, as it is all working now (except memory card reader, but I don't need that) I detailed my steps in post #16 and the subsequent posts adding on it. You need to inject the kexts into the installer USB stick (I use champlist but you can do it manually too) and then later install them to the HDD as well.
  6. a problem on installing mac on Dell inspiron 5520! Help !

    I own a 7520 which is a 15R Special Edition It is very similar to a 17R SE 7720 too read this thread, most of the things apply http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=281476
  7. Maybe try like what I did (although silly). Remove the Realtek kext manually, and download and install lnx2mac package and install the debug version first, then remove the debug version and install the release version. For me keyboard never gives trouble. Hoever every now and then the sound kext will panic, and I have to go in with -x (sometimes then run kext util to fix permission), then reboot to system. I also find that shutdown then startup, is more stable then restart. My sleep once was woken up by USB, nothing plugged into it though. Hasn't tried sd card.
  8. does it really have to be out of the box? or little tweaking is fine? Otherwise I would recommend AR5B195 combo card like the one called Dell DW1702. Mine I got from ebay, it is a half mini PCI but comes with bracket to make it full mini PCI if needed. Just search for the AR5B195 kext ML for example. The bluetooth part needs me to edit the Info.plist to change the ProdID and VendID to match my card, but works like a charm.
  9. Fixed my LAN today. Did you guys get LAN working all this while? I asked lnx2mac in his blog and he asked me to try debug version. So I remove the one installed by the installer. and installed the debug version and it is working well. So I remove the debug version and installed the released version, and it is also working well. Somehow the one from the beast installer was bad although same version. So I have everything working now. Only need gestures for touchpad and this will be a fully perfectly working hackintosh.
  10. It was as directed by Andrew K. Nothing special in my case, using his edited DSDT, and SleepEnabler.kext you can find it in his site, just search sleep and you will see the "How To Enable Sleep For X79 Motherboards" article. On my first try it didn't work, so now that you mention it, that was before I injected the EFI string for my graphic card. Before EFI injection, my QE/CI seems to be kind of working. I have full res and I can play the chess game for more than 8 steps (well I am bad at chess, so 10 steps is a lot!. But the screen redraw was not smooth. I saw blockly brown flashes. Sleep didn't work at that point, and the syslog shows Sep 3 06:58:18 XX-Mac-Pro.local WindowServer[90] <Warning>: Created shield window 0x2d for display 0x5b81c5c0 Sep 3 06:58:18 XX-Mac-Pro.local WindowServer[90] <Warning>: device_generate_desktop_screenshot: authw 0x0(0), shield 0x0(0) Sep 3 06:58:18 XX-Mac-Pro.local WindowServer[90] <Warning>: device_generate_lock_screen_screenshot: authw 0x0(0), shield 0x0(0) Sep 3 07:04:20 XX-Mac-Pro.local WindowServer[90] <Warning>: handle_will_sleep_auth_and_shield_windows: no lock state data Andrew suggested that it could be because I was sharing my screen, but that was not the case. at that point neither my wifi nor LAN was working, so it was not it. After the EFI string injection, QE/CI was ok, and I can put the machine to sleep. Please note that from memory I am pretty sure it was BEFORE I replace my WiFi card. Have you tried the EFI string yourself? see what syslog -w says when you click "Sleep"
  11. Elan Touchpad Driver

    I don't know if this is against the forum rule or not. I also don't know if pointing this finding will help with the driver development. If it is inappropriate, tell me, I will come back and delete this. I found a driver over at http://www.osx86.net...2_trackpad.html it is the only one that let me boot into 10.8 without kernel panic and have my Elan trackpad function as a mouse.
  12. Got my AR5B195 combo card. I loaded kexts for it, using the one I found osx86 net, googled for AR5B195 kext ML The wifi works right away but the bluetooth disappeared (it was there with the original centrino combo card) Somehow my new combo card has bluetooth ProdId of 0x3002 which I am not sure is AR3011 like what is supposed to be in an AR5B195 combo. Even in windows 7 I have a hard time finding the right driver. the dell driver and hp driver for it failed to start the radio. Only works with driver I found in softpedia. Anyway, I have changed the prodid in the Info.list of the kext but it doesn't load. I don't use BT much, so I leave it at that. For my HD4000 EFI string injection, I found mine only to work with 01660003 Sounds works, but yesterday when I boot up it gave KP (on the VoodooHDA), so I have to remove it, and reinstall it. So far it is holding well. So, almost everything working for me. If I can get Elatech touchpad to work, I will be contend. Working: - full screen QE/CI - keyboard - wifi (change combo card) - sleep - sound - camera - USB - touchpad - BT Not working: - touchpad working now working now with kexts below - LAN - BT (after change combo card, before that it was working but no wifi) working with correct Vend ID and Prod ID - video out / second display Edit: need you guys here to help troubleshoot. I downloaded a new set of kexts for Elan touchpad http://www.osx86.net...2_trackpad.html it caused KP in normal boot (kernel_task is the one crashed) but if I boot with -x, I can use the trackpad! I thought -x loads absolute essential kexts, how to find out which one is it using? Edit2: ignore that last bit. reboot again using normal boot, and trackpad is working (no gesture, but working!) Edit3: BT working, I mistakenly think only the Prod ID is different between mine and the driver default. Turns out both Product ID and Vendor ID are different. Fixed that, and BT is scanning.
  13. Thanks ThibaultAnd for the files. I will try it out. When you said you didn't use any extra kexts, you still use the PXHCD and the PS2 one, right? So with just the DSDT.aml from Andrew K, it doesn't come with full accell? I tried the string, but my screen got jumbled. I guess because I have 1366x768x32 unlike you guys (I have 15R SE, similar specs, although I was wrong about the GT650M, I have a Radeon 7730M instead, but anyway it is not in use). Should I be just going through the few strings and see which one works? I also still have no luck with trackpad and ethernet. Wifi and bluetooth is forgone conclusion, so I ordered a AR5B195 and will see how it goes when it arrived. One more thing, you guys get USB 3.0 working fine for storage? When I plug in my USB 2.0 thumbdrive just after boot, it will be accessible. But if I plug it in after it is fully boot up, my GUI just freeze. Also, you guys managed to get "sleep" working? Thanks.
  14. Hi ThibaultAnd, Yes, I have got his reply with edited DSDT.aml, so no need to do further patching on DSDT? He seems to say it was just cleaned up to basic or something? And we have very similar hardware, although I I only have 1366x726x32 display. Can you share with me what other kexts you are adding, apart from perhaps the PS2 and the DP3/PXHCD ? Thanks Ole, I will add that string. Did you get your trackpad working as well? I might want to get wifi dongle as well. Been thinking about either doing that or get a AR5B195 combo card, but need to dismantle quite a bit of the new laptop. BTW, Any of you guys use smbios.plist ? which one works for the 17R SE?
  15. Hi ThibaultAnd, I will try the java today. I am still a noob in this stuff. What actually the DSDT Editor will do for me. The other guide wasn't so clear for me. It gather my device details? and how does it help adding drivers for me. Also the guide didn't mention anything about [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url]. Do I need that to get my devices detected as well. Very puzzling about the trackpad thing. It wasn't working in usb installer until I put the PS2 kext, and yet the same PS2 kext doesn't work in the HDD. Edit: also, can you guide me on how to get my display working nicely. Mine also HD4000 and nvidia 650M Now I use the GraphicsEnabler=No option on boot.