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  1. Thanks a lot Toine44. I patched the PXHCD and my external HDD is recognized
  2. New driver from lacie which supports ML http://www.lacie.com...er.htm?id=10239 I tried it on my asus p8z68 deluxe (sandy bridge) which actually shows the USB 3.0 PORTS but failed at mounting my external drive - ADATA NH03. here is USB PROBER OUTPUTS : IORegistry.txt Kernel Extensions.txt USB Bus Probe.txt USBPortStatus.txt and the lacie driver downloadLaCie-USB-3.0-Driver.1.0.10.dmg I'am new in hackintosh (two weeks) and may be this stuff will interest someone. sorry for my english it's not my native tongue. snapshot-nec controllers supported.tiff nec controllers supported.