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  1. *UPDATE So I managed to figure out what was causing the issues I had experienced. It turns out anytime I inserted a Mass Storage device into one of my USB2 ports, Android File Transfer was causing the kernel panic. I was only able to see it when I had booted up with the verbos logging kernel flag. I don't know why it had such an issue, could it be related to the isochronous endpoints? I have an image from the kernel panic if you want it for debuging, just let me know...
  2. First, Thanks Zenith432 for making the USB3 ports on my GA Z-68X UD3H B3 work. I do have a small issue though, since installing the .Kext whenever I insert a USB2 device (Flash Drive) I get a complete system freeze. I have tried to look into the console to see if any errors pop up, but alas none do. (Unless I am not looking in the right log) I have tried the -gux_defer_usb2 boot flag but no change in the issue. I am in the process of DL the Combo Update to 10.8.3 to see if for what ever reason that fixes the issue. (But I doubt it will) Any Idea what could be causeing the issue and what is the best way for me to log the crash?