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  1. There is no newer version than whatever I uploaded some pages back.
  2. These are Intel bugs, so they have to get addressed on HS either way. Unfortunately in its monopoly it appears Intel has been rather shamefully sloppy in their architecture... There’s also the part where I have zero time to look into HS. Not particularly looking forward to having to debug it, either...
  3. Update AppleALC. The latest Lilu tends to need the latest version of everyhing that uses it.
  4. DW1830 doesn't use any kexts, as it is natively supported. There are several posts early in this thread regarding the DW1560. Perhaps they may be of use.
  5. I more thoroughly expressed it somewhere on TMX, but part of my preference involves the kexts’ always loading when put in the Clover folder — even in the Recovery drive and during OS upgrades. It also negates the need to deal with permissions issues, isn’t locked down by SIP, and it allows Apple to do whatever the heck it wants in S/L/E without impacting what I’m trying to do. But that’s just my preference since I do things with a program developer’s mindset.
  6. That’s... not what that would address. The driver is just incomplete.
  7. Delete Voodoo kext. The Smart PS2 Touchpad is a full replacement. I don’t use S/L/E; I just load everything with Clover/kexts/other. Have had 0 kext loading-related issues this way, so I can’t really troubleshoot that. The PS2 driver has all “tap to click” functions disabled because they’re unusably buggy. You can mess with its settings via the links to the original source (the author wrote a user manual). It’s not perfect, but it’s a big step up from the Voodoo driver—just don’t expect it to be exactly the same as a real Apple trackpad because, well, it’s not.
  8. The touchpad driver I posted a couple pages back has been much better than the Voodoo one, if you're still using the Voodoo one. I tried to match the Magic Trackpad V1.0 as best as possible with it. Sometimes I forget I'm not using a Magic Trackpad... But only sometimes. Agreed that the SD card slot would be the bee's knees. I wanted to try and write it myself, but it looks like I just won't have time for that. I might end up getting forced into High Sierra because of all these crazy Intel bugs, but if that happens there won't be a big post or anything on it; it takes way too long to write those things and forum software formatting just sucks to fight with. That's a big if that happens, though.
  9. BIOS 1.7.0 is safe (breaks nothing) over 1.6.2.
  10. Never tried; don't have a USD-PD charger that is powerful enough for my XPS. About BIOS 1.6.2: It does not break any patches or anything. If you update and something breaks (not the ACPIFamily kernel panic--just reboot and it's fine), then your install was not set up right to begin with. No issues with brightness keys, no issues with TB patches as far as I can tell. Dell added a new method in the DSDT that runs when a thunderbolt device gets plugged in, though I am not sure what it does. It might have helped alleviate a massive memory management issue I have been encountering on Windows lately. Note: I'm still on Sierra.
  11. I would strongly advise against rolling back the BIOS version for any reason. The security hole is too important. Ideally Dell would have blocked rolling back as an option altogeher for this one. I still need to check the new tables for changes, but if you don’t update the BIOS to 1.6.2 your machine becomes a big security risk to you and to anyone on the same network. This is why people hate Management Engine so much.
  12. Dell’s adding an option to some models to have it disabled (will cost a little extra) and System76 and Purism are just straight disabling it. It’s a start, and I’ll definitely be one buying Dells with disabled MEs if I buy Dells in the future.
  13. When BIOS update 1.6.0 comes out, it is extremely important that everyone who owns an affected Dell laptop updates to it. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/11/intel-warns-of-widespread-vulnerability-in-pc-server-device-firmware/ http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/sln308237/dell-client-statement-on-intel-me-txe-advisory--intel-sa-00086-?lang=en The worst part of this is that there's no way to actually detect that there's anything wrong while in an operating system; I know some vendors are just disabling Management Engine altogether at this point.
  14. Either you’re buying really crappy (or gaming) PCs or have been really lucky with Macs. The minute you try to do anything even slightly intensive on a Mac it turns into a jet engine. The fans on this XPS actually turn OFF completely sometimes. @b2550 I checked my 4K screen (AOC U2879VF) and I’m getting 60Hz, no problem. It must be your monitor that has some sort of incompatibility—I know the “two screens stitched together” monitors that were prevalent in the early days of 4K screens were famous for misbehaving. Your model Dell was one of the worst offenders, IIRC. Windows and Linux probably have hacks in their GPU drivers that (I guess, wouldn’t be surprised) Apple did not mimic. That means that there isn’t really anything further I can address here. :/
  15. Should only need that one boot parameter. ProTip: Don’t go randomly trying everything if you don’t know what they do. That’s how things break beyond repair. You need to update Lilu in order to use the new Nvidiagraphicsfixup.