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  1. Yea im gonna try it now, i insterted some n3x Nvidia graphic and it booted but i removed my wireless card to so must try it with wireless card in too Tnx for fast reply will try in now and get info back in 5 mins Ok i got it up and running, didnt tried with wifi card but i think that problem was just to move it to closer connector on graphic Thanks gringo Problem Solved i guess Edit: Tried with wifi card too everything is ok
  2. I managed to install iAtkos_v2 via usb on my pc (Details of pc in signature). But i have problem when booting up its all go fine in -v (verbose mode) until -v finished and start loading desktop its just show gray background (of iatkos (without lion head on it! )) and i got mouse (can move but nothing more) and thats it, I let it like that about 1 hour and nothing happened, then i restarted it and boot in safe mod, and there its all cool its all working... i have no clue what can be wrong?! i disabled ethernet and still nothing... so anyone? S.O.S
  3. Um I have a problem, im using this guide to install iAtkos_l1 via USB but, when im installing Chameleon on usb its stuck on Writing Reception (or something like that) anyway i thinked its problem on installation, i was waiting for one hour and then killed application, ( i was doing this on my compaq 6720s, and i wanna boot it on custom pc (look in signature)) then pluged usb on pc and booted, BUT.... when i click install Lion he open Apple logo with gray background and little circle is loading in hours.... nothing more, i cant type anything in boot, just chose install or boot from HDD.... so i cant start boot in verbose mode? or i can? S.O.S I have same problem with that "/" when i try to boot up lion via DVD drive.... Edit: I managed to install iAtkos v2 via usb on my pc, but.... Its boot only in safe mode, and when i try to boot it on normal, its just show me gray background of iatkos, and i have mouse nothing more. i cant fine any error in logs so no clue whats problem... If someone have some solution or something please share it here or pm