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  1. [Guide] 10.11 El Capitan On the Surface Pro 4

    To boot the Sierra installer change your platform id to 0x12345678. I'm going to work on putting together a folder with all the files/bits I've used this weekend which should help.
  2. [Guide] 10.11 El Capitan On the Surface Pro 4

    This seems to be a pretty dead thread, but for updates: I5 SP4 with intel 520 Running Sierra Works: Power Keys Volumes Keys Surface KB/Mouse (no touchpad support, it's mouse only for now) Backlight, sleep etc Not working: Built in BT, Wifi, Camera, touchscreen.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas here. I've got an i5 skylake system (surface pro 4) Power management seems fine with the exception of an oddity with sleep. After the device resumes from sleep the display is dim, can't be changed by brightness and turns off every 10 seconds or so if I don't press a key on the keyboard. I've tried adding PNLF to the dsdt but it hasn't helped. Any thoughts? Cheers, As a separate aside I'm having issues getting the power and volume hardware buttons to work as well.
  4. [Guide] 10.11 El Capitan On the Surface Pro 4

    Just to share my experience with the i5 SP4. Using the files above I was able to get el capitan running pretty smooth. I changed the graphics id to match the 520 and used HDAPatcher to get sound working. Aside from the known (wifi/touchscreen) it's working quite well with the exception of some minor graphics artifacts. I wasn't able to get the SMBIOS of 13,2 working (skylake) so I'm using 12.1 right now. What are you guys using on your i7's? Cheers to everyone for the work you've put into getting this up and running for everyone.
  5. [Guide] 10.11 El Capitan On the Surface Pro 4

    Yeah sorry that was a total derp reply I gave there. All it took was 2 minutes of actual "non lazy" reading time to realize it was going to be el cap. I made an 10.11 install USB with my other mac today and I'll give this a shot tonight.
  6. [Guide] 10.11 El Capitan On the Surface Pro 4

    Thanks Mehoo. Is this for sierra or elcap? I've got the I5 though, so I'm not sure if there are changes required?
  7. [Guide] 10.11 El Capitan On the Surface Pro 4

    Would someone be able to post a zip of the latest clover folder and kexts for the SP4? Thanks,
  8. Anyone tried Sierra yet? I think I'm going to give it a go this weekend..
  9. VGA on Hackintosh

    What are you using to activate it? something in your config or dsdt?
  10. VGA on Hackintosh

    Did anyone get anywhere with figuring out why this works? I've come across an HD4000 based device on another forum that claims to have working VGA in el cap as well.\ On my system I'm able to get the VGA monitor detected, but there is no picture on the display.
  11. I just received my laptop back from having the system board replaced this past week and after restoring my backup image to the drive I noticed it wasn't sleeping. For reference the things I've done are: - Fresh install (same issue) - Clover update (no change) - Disable bluetooth (no change) - disabled wlan sleep wake ability (no change) - dsdt edit to eh01/eh02 pwr section (no change) - confirmed BIOS updated to same version as previously - change BIOS settings to what they were previously Console marks the wake reason: eh02 eh01 The only thing that ended up working was changing dark wake to 10, it doesn't sleep the same (power light blinks instead of being off) but it does seem to be sleeping. Anyone have any ideas that could help me figure out what happened here? Thanks.
  12. Did you ever get this figured? Sounds like you were just missing the } where you added the patch.
  13. [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    I'm hoping someone can help me out with this. Since upgrading to 10.11 I only have USB 2 and my USB 3 isn't working any longer. I've tried numerous methods and continue to just have USB 2 working only on my laptop, most recently by renaming ehc1 and ehc2 and the USB-Inject-all kext but unfortunately still only USB 2 is being seen. Attached is my DSDT, if anyone could help that would be great. Thanks, DSDT.aml.zip
  14. Mini VGA HD4000 El Capitan

    Has anyone been able enable the Mini VGA as hot plug on an HD4000 running 10.11? I've been able to get it semi working. If I boot with VGA connected it shows what's on my HDMI connection. What's odd though is it doesn't show as a different display device.
  15. 10.11 Works quite well too. Use the same files as above.