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  1. The Compaq Presario C571NR (C500) Review

    Wireless working: Fixing the Goddamned C500's BCM4311 (FULLY RESOLVED) - InsanelyMac Forum
  2. Where to get the HUD theme???
  3. The Hackintosh: Delivered

    checkout the unpacking of a Psystar PC....... CLICK...
  4. The Compaq Presario C571NR (C500) Review

    did any of you with this same laptop try to install the Leo graphics update and the time machine update??????? I myself tried the graphics update but that gave me a blue screen.....
  5. Pwnage for iPhone Released!

    nice indeed, what are the new features in the new firmware??
  6. There is a new version of Transmission out..... All Platforms: Stop torrents when downloading and the disk becomes full Removing a torrent also removes it from the cache Smaller memory footprint per-torrent and per-peer Various backend bugfixes & improvements Mac Window when adding torrents to select files and other settings Leopard: Collapsable group dividers Use the file icon as the per-torrent action button Tracker tab in the inspector Message log specifies the torrent/activity the message relates to Updated images in the inspector Optional display of remaining time while seeding in Minimal View Improved accuracy for displaying the remaining disk space warning Download
  7. The Compaq Presario C571NR (C500) Review

    hey, did you get the battery meter working????
  8. The Compaq Presario C571NR (C500) Review

    hey, i have the same laptop, how did you upgrade from 10.5.1 to 10.5.2??(EFI or MBR? vanilla or hacked kernel??) and how much of the sound did you get working: the headphones jack doesnt work for instance. And yes the WIFI is a pain in the ass. All together a good laptop
  9. very cool, but you should check out the other casemods too: there awesome!
  10. Well I am fasting too and its not that hard once you get further into the month. What i noticed is that many non muslims find it silly why we do such a thing ... But with some explaination they sometimes get the point. Any way everybody good luck with Fasting!!! Ramadan Kareem