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  1. Leo559 von 2. Tiger Partition booten...

    Jops, funktioniert einwandfrei (zumindest bei mir)!
  2. Are you a virgin?

    Lost mine with 14 she was 19
  3. [Offtopic] Mal ne frage...

    Also aus einem mir noch nicht bekannten grund hab ich mein Laptop "geschrottet" hatte meinen Windows Formated iPod angeschlossen und dann *zack* Bild aus, nix ging mehr...Jetzt gehter wieder an, aber Tastatur, Touchpad und sämtliche USB ports scheinen tot zu sein. Dumm is nun das ich Leo am laufen hab, da stellt sich mir nämlich die frage "Kann ich das Ding jetzt überhaupt in den Laden zurück bringen, zur Reparatur?" Was meint ihr dazu?
  4. Drives X200m - Acer Aspire 3100 - NO QE/CI

    How to heck did you got the graphic card to work? I have exactly the same one, installed katana, but it still doesnt show 1280x800 in the display cp...??
  5. Same here, but i wonder how you were able to install the graphic card, can you hook me up with a little guide or something? I never got mine to work at 1280x800 (i have the same notebook as you).
  6. Force Screenresolution (1280x800)

    I downloaded Callisto 003, 006 and Katana...Katana didnt worked, and about Callisto..somehow i do not understand how to use them.
  7. Ok, as i'm not able to find a driver for my graphiccard (Radeon Xpress 1100 - a 200m ) i'd like to try to force the resolution, but as i'm pretty new to all that, i need some help here.. Is anybody able to guide me trough this?
  8. Atheros AR5005(G)

    Ok, i have a Acer Aspire 5102WLMi with an Atheros 5005. I followed your guide and everything worked alright, apart from the fact that it's still not recocnized. Could that be because i didnt changed en0 to en1 in the networkinterfaces.plist file? If so, is somebody able to tell me how to modify the file? I'm a total noob to all of those things..
  9. Some questions

    Oh, sorry... I guess that happens if you dont use the search function. A mod might move/close this topic?
  10. Some questions

    First, i'd like to introduce me. I'm Michael, and totally new to all the mac things, i once tried 10.4.7 without much succes, but last week i played with a MacBook of a friend, and i thought "Hey, lets try it again". So i checked the wiki page to see if the hardware of my laptop is finally supported ( Acer 5100).. And indeed the wiki told me that it should work fine with 10.4.8 (here) So now to my questions, as you can read on the wiki, the Radeon Xpress 1100 (X200M) and the Atheros W-Lan adapter should work, now after i installed 10.4.8, i noticed that they dont work correct the Graphic card only lets me use 1024x768. And the Atheros thing doesnt even think about to work...nor the sound does. Is anybod here able to help me getting those 3 things to work?