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  1. 6570m (Lenovo y560p) Lion

    Bounties are super common in the open source world, why would they be off limits here?
  2. 6570m (Lenovo y560p) Lion

    ** No money being offered due to limitations within the forums ** So after days and days of hunting around and trying at least 15 or 20 solutions and breaking one installation forcing me to start from scratch I am at my wits end. I can not get my 6570m working. I've tried ATY_Init.kext, I've updated chameleon to 2.1 SVN 1902, I've tried GraphicEnabler, AtiConfig=Hoolock, I even have a custom DSDT. So I've decided to try this, a bounty. To whoever can help me get my 6570m fully working with acceleration/etc. No situations where I can only use an external monitor or anything else. Also Chimera won't work for me, it throws a lot of errors and won't boot. This is both upgrading to it after a successful install with chameleon and when starting with it from scratch. I can not dump my rom, it is a shared BIOS with the main system BIOS (I've tried). My specs: Lenovo y560p http://www.lenovo.co..._tech_specs.pdf (2.0Ghz i7 variant) iAtkos L2 install Chameleon 2.1 SVN 1902 Lion 10.7.4 Attached is my DSDT, smbios.plist, and org.chameleon.Boot.plist. Mark Oh to complicate things, I can't be online in the MacOS install yet (hence my other problem) so all solutions have to rely on a windows internet connection. (e.g. I cant recompile Chameleon on the fly from a fresh SVN pull) files.zip