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  1. I checked there on the links page and it said 404 not found and wouldn't go to any page.
  2. I have a netbook hackintosh running snow leopard. The disk I want to use is the iATKOS s3 v2 and it is burned to a dvd. The main thing im not sure about is what options to choose for the graphics card which is a sapphire radeon hd4670. like some places say graphics enabler is only for Nvidia and some places say it works with ati, i dont know which patches to select during the install, tomorrow when I get back from school I will try installing a few times with different options to see if i get anywhere.
  3. A week ago I installed snow leopard on my 1005HA netbook and it is running perfectly but I could do with a bit more speed. I have a desktop that is currently running windows 7 and I am trying to install snow leopard on it using iATKOS s3 v2. I know AMD isn't supported that well for running os x but I have heard of it being done so I wanted to give it a shot. I did some research and found a post about someone else that did this on a different website and he had the same hardware except he had a Nvidia GT240 and I have a sapphire radeon hd4670. The options during the install he checked were... Chameleon v2 rc4 graphics enabler extra directory fake smc disabler rtc qoopz 10.3.0 evo reboot AHCI Sata Voodo HDA Apple HDA 10.6.2 RTL8168 I was wondering what I should choose different from this to get it to work with a ati radeon hd4670 instead of his Nvidia card. I am kind of new to this so if you could help that would be great, I really want to get this working. My full system specs are -Asus M4A785-M motherboard -8GB DDR2 667MHz memory -AMD Athlon 2 X3 435 overclocked to 3.6GHz -Sapphire Radeon hd4670 1GB -120GB hard drive to install OS X on thanks