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  1. Somebody could help me a little bit? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I tried with the repair option, but no luck, it said it couldnt do anything. I have no idea how to select system reserved. Can you tell me exactly how to get there? I dont know what "chameleon boot cd" means, I have a 8gb usb drive, from which I installed MAC OS X... In my previous post, i have a screenshot of the option I have... Any help? Regards!!
  3. I have the windows 8 pro installation DVD. If I do repair this pc in the windows 8 installation, will it affect my Mountain Lion installation? Will I be able to boot to both of them? Regards and thanks for the help!
  4. I do not see where to do what you say... I see this, any help? Note: update to 10.8.3 working awesome!
  5. I will try right now, but i do not remember seeing that option... I am updating to 10.8.3 from the app store I will get back to you in 15 minutes! Thanks again for everything
  6. Hi!! WOW!, you made it!! I finally got it working!! My Mountain Lion installation rocks! I just booted up with the -v -f you said, and working like a charm! I cant thank you enough!!! But, ....there is a problem. I can no longer boot into Windows8. I see this screen when trying to boot to Windows 8. Any help with this? THANKS for any help you can give me! Regards david
  7. Hi! I tried everything in this post you recommend me: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/283293-gigabyte-ga-z77-ds3h-mac-install-guide/ I followed it step by step, checking everything and still I cannot get MAC OS X to even boot to the installation screen. See what I get: By the way, in all my attempts to make a hackintosh, I have made useless 3 virtual machines running MAC OSX and my main pc w8 PRO installation.... And I did try with internal graphics only, and no luck Anyone?
  8. I did not explain myself correctly. I am sorry for that. I have the Snow Leopard DVD, and then i update to Mountain Lion I am going to try to do what you say as soon as a download is over. Is it possible to deactivate de GTX660 without removing it physically? Thanks a lot for such a quick answer! Thanks so much for such a quick replay. I would look at that guide for sure! I will follow your advice in a short time (a download is still going on) Regards and thansk again!
  9. Hi! I would like to thank anyone that helps me get this solved My issue is that I get a kernel panic when i try to install Mountain Lion 10.8.2 I have a Gigabyte Z77-DS3H motherboard with a i5-3570k, and a GTX660 Nvida graphics card I have made a full running virtual machine of Mountain Lion, everything working. I have the ORIGINAL BOUGHT DVD, and I made a dmg image from that. I have tried to use both ##### and myhack to try to install it to a 8gb usb, but they fail to boot. I get this error on booting: I thought that this hardware would be easy to install Mountain Lion on, but i am desperate, I have tried the following commands while booting, and the same thing: -x -x -v GraphicsEnabler=no -v PCIRootUID=0 Also, something similar to ncpi=0x2000 (trying also with 3000) No luck so far Anyone can help me? THANKS!!
  10. Hi everyone! I am buying a new hackintosh, and altough i have checked everything, I would like very much if you could give a quick look at the components, and tell me if they are easy to get up and running with Mac OS X.. So, here we go... CPU: i5 - 3570k (Socket 1155) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H-S1155-ATX (I read this mobo has built in support for dualBios with EFI....native support for MAC OS X??) HD: Seagate Barracuda SATA3 - 1Tb - 7200RPM RAM: Kingston 8gb DDR3 1600Mhz - CL9 HyperX Blue (2x4Gb) Case: Aerocool VS3 Gaming Fan: Coolermaster Hyper 212-EVO Card Reader: Coolbox CR600 DVD burner: Samsung SH222BB-22x Graphic Card: MSI HD7850 2Gb GDDR5 (MSI R7850 TWINFROZR) PSU: Tooq Xtreme Gaming Energy 800w PFC 80+ Thats it. Any thought you guys have, thanks!!! Regards