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  1. Hey. I want to try to install hackintosh using the snow leopard Retail. Sadly its over 5 gb and i only have 4.7 gb dvds. Iv seen some videos saying how to burn it on a 4.7 gig, but only on a mac. Now im wondering if anyone can show me how to do it, if its even possible. Thanks!
  2. Iv heard alot of talk about that, but also that snow leopard will not run well on only 1 GB ram. Anyways, i might try though
  3. Hey. I want to try to install OSx Tiger on my old Acer TravelMate 4070, so my questions are: Will it actually work? Will it run smooth? If it will, do i need a heavily modded? and what version, like Hazard, iAtkos, iPC etc? What kext's, bootloaders should i use? THanks