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  1. It becomes more apparent with each OS X release that iOS and Mac are going to combine into one OS. It honestly isn't the worst move in the world.
  2. Final thoughts on Windows 8: awful

    Honestly I like the concept of Windows 8 but I feel the execution could have been better. I wish there was a more seamless interaction between the start menu and the explorer. I feel like Windows 8 is going to be terrible for desktop and laptop users. I feel like they put us on the back burner for windows 8.
  3. I really want thunderbolt but the problem is that its just not cost effective yet... I cant see myself jumping for thunderbolt for at least another year or two
  4. Google I/O overview

    I used chrome the day it came out and honestly I still like safari or dolphin better. theres still to many issues with chrome that need to be fixed before I can consider this a replacement browser. Hopefully it gets better with the next update.
  5. Lenovo W520

    Thanks I will try this out tonight and let you know what happens.
  6. Lenovo W520

    Has anyone installed OS X Lion on a Lenovo W520? I have tried and it usually doesn't run although once on an install it booted but the graphics or sound drivers didn't work.