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  1. 9200M GS no QE/CI

    SOLVED!! I used the Nvidia Kexts from ML DP4 and added my Device id to Geforce and Nvidia Kexts and finally got my graphics to work on 10.8.2
  2. 9200M GS no QE/CI

    I have the same issue. I had got my 9200m Graphics working in 10.8 final by adding the device id's. However, on updating to 10.8.2, adding the device id does not solve the issue. Also applying the patch from the above post does not change anything.
  3. I installed iATKOS L2 on my dell studio 1537. I was able to run youtube videos but I tried installing Intel 4500 next and after that I had same problem like yours. I browsed to the extensions folder and deleted all intel graphics kexts and did reboot. This solved my problem. My only problem now is to get webcam and microphone working. Let me know if this helps......