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  1. Clover General discussion

    How to pass this Findmydeviceid ? I copied the FakeSMC.kext and install Clover 3561 and stock on this error...
  2. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    I want to Thanks Gpatpandp for explanation. I will used your Guide to install Yosemite when comes GM version Thank You ! Wern Apfel Also thanks I did this what you said in first time. When GM Version will come I will install it with Clover and used your bootpack. Many Thanks for help me with Install I won't make it without you ! If I will have any questions I will send you a message ! P.S: Guide to install Yosemite is still on OSX Latitude with thanks to You
  3. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Herve tell me that this is only for INTEL I famili. I think to avoid KP.
  4. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    I have two laptops Dell Latitude E6400 with the same configuration In First I've install Yosemite DP6 with Chameleon and everything is working like a charm including sleep except Wifi that sometimes won't work, is connected but no ping. I've tried with the dsdt that you give me but with this dsdt sound doesn't work and Sleep to, Wifi I can test but it's not worth it because the first one is good Only I want to take a hand on is Clover bootloader. It's complicated bootloader for me So If you will have some time and can help me I will be Grateful This bootloader is strange for me. I try to replace config.plist from Oem folder that you attach, and replace with this in root of clover folder, also Add Dsdt.aml to ACPI/Patched and 10.10 folder from kexts (Oem folder) to /kexts in root of Clover. Other kexts form your first pack I drop in Kextutility. Now Clover boot from HD properly and everything works except VERY SLOW GUI. Only this problem I have I think that normaly Clover won't read my config from OEM folder like you sugest to copy.
  5. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    It is 1440x900
  6. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Ok I extract and I have black screen while booting from HD..... I have used only your folder and copy to OEM with Clean Clover 2818. No other edited files
  7. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Hmm to boot I must change in Clover Configurator Generate P&C States, kext dev mode = 1, Set Smbios in Config.plist to Macbook Pro 5,2. And the same result like always - Gui is working very slow. If I had copy kext and edit config in oem folder, system won't boot with Clover. I must edit in root Clover config.plist to run it Kexts droped to Kextutility.app and everything works except very slow GUI
  8. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Could you post Guide how to install Clover with what options, because I can't make it :C
  9. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Everything works perfect except wifi, because it disconnect around 15 min after turnning on my OSX, is connected to my network but web doesn't work :C
  10. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    I've change to MacbookPro 5,2 Smbios.plist and use Kextutility to fix permission but nothing change Gui is still little laggy and sound doesn't work Wow! I've one more time download your Extra pack. Every kext drag to Kextutility, and delete from /E/E and reboot, now in sound option settings and Midi I have my internal speakers and everything is set Thank you man ! You make my day! MacBookPro.zip
  11. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Here it is Sorry my bad. IORegRx file.zip
  12. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Ok I have this files Sorry for not responding but I Haven't got network for a while :C Files.zip
  13. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    I don't use any of that and I've tried with the kext from your bootpack and also with that for 10.10 (dp5), I had fix permission and it isn't working :C
  14. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Ok I will try replaced that old kext
  15. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Yes i had edit it manualy and I'am using your Dsdt It's need only change layout to 0 yes ?