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  1. I had same issues i dont know if it helps, try run with graphicsenabler=no, restart then install nvenabler. It does worked for me as well on snow leopard.
  2. Thanks a lot, i will have a look on it later on time go back to work so i will not have a time to play with it for another 4 days...(workin 4 on 4 off..) I will try do it on monday afternoon. Terminal seems to be like linux one, so i need to type: #sudo voodoohda-uninstall type password then it should be uninstalled if script works
  3. If i have VoodooHDA allready installed how can i remove it? before install older one? I know thats nooby questions but im nooby with things like that.
  4. Whats model of Your Wifi card? I might go on it soon, i need to have MacOSX fully working before i will get some spare money to buy real mac I will do same with USB sound card. Coz my build in card seems to be not working, as i will get all specs working correctly i will do complete back up to just do not play with deal or nodeal game. Once again BIG THANKS. Found one here: http://www.amazon.co.../ref=pd_cp_pc_0 it seems to be working on MAC OS 10.6.x without need any kext's This time i have MacOS, MacOSBackup, Windows partitions. As i can save backups on MacOSBackup drive.
  5. i have found solution for it allready. You must replace 2 kext after uptdating to 10.6.7 but before restart kernel and it worked. Link here for solution: http://www.sysprobs....6-update-vmware It might be helpfull for other users having same issues. Slowly i understand how to use thinks i have seen mac os system since start of this topic Looong way to learn. Btw. My ethernet controller working just i cannot connect to my isp (virginmedia superhub) on this way i have to try different ethernet card or wifi i have couple of choices but not as many pci slots on my motherboard. Same with sound i would need to have it replaced. Or try different drivers. Need to figure out. But this time i will do backup of my system on other harddrive instead of installing it once again.
  6. Is it any chance to delete AppleATIATA/APPLEATIPATA <--- that was selected as default while booting NawcomsMODCD + RetailDVD does KextWizzard its like ADD/Remove drivers app like windows have one? If it is I should be able to install/uninstall AppleATIATA kext file? I have an AirLive_WL1600USB adapter also i found drivers for it but when i installed them it kernel crashed after reboot i might to plug it back at motherboard directly via usb (i have tried front panel when my keyboard is plugged in well on other one coz i need keyboard working) Can You tell me i have seen NVEnabler works with my Graphics Card but need to do update, to 10.6.2 coz i have read it has been laggy running on 10.6 as i had that issue as well. Can i just download MacOSXUpdCombo10.6.7 (combo) or i need to download all of them from 10.6.1 to 10.6.7 and install it one by one? Ahh i forgot to write i did tried NVEnabler 64.kext i should use NVEnabler, <-- that one is for 32bit system not 64 as i did before... Using VoodooHDA, i have still no sound. One thing is when MacOS is booting up i can hear a voice when it has been loaded like (Burp sound) but after that when Its fully booted up it still doesnt reconize my sound card. Installed Update Combo 10.6.7 now i cant move mouse and type on keyboard. strange.. it doesnt like to be freezes coz cursor for enterning password field its blinking... its just USB drivers ppbly. even thru safe boot i will boot it up thru Nawcoms again and fix hard drive..
  7. What kext did You used to run Your GeForce GT 430 card? I will do verify again, i will send pics soon.. 30 min, will be back, did You had any problems with ethernet? i do have only realtek card, and that self assigned ip keep comming up all the time. any ways to fix ethernet at all? Ok got some screens here: http://imageshack.us.../img0672jb.jpg/ http://imageshack.us.../img0673gy.jpg/ http://imageshack.us.../img0674kd.jpg/ Right, i have pressed repair disk, and when it finished, now said that i have to do backup as many files as possible, then format disk and do restore them later, ok going to do it. Coz its damaged.. Now i will change GUID to MasterBoot Record, 2 partitions, MACOS as a primary Windows as extended partition dualboot. i have an chameleon. Selected Options: LegacyKernel, AppleATIATA/AppleATIPATA, VoodooHDA, Autodetect wired Lan support After clean install of SL. I have seen nice screen with Acceleration Support but after 2 min had an kernel panic. Right, i have found solution for my kernel panic thingy. and why that has not been booting had to add GraphicsEnabler=no option to /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist file thats are issues what i have with my graphic card. its unsupported by GraphicsEnabler. Nvidia Geforce GT220. after this its booting well with sluggish graphics but without kernel panic. NVEnabler will be other thing i have to install to get full acceleration of my Graphic card.
  8. I think MBR of hard drive gone, correct me if im wrong but i can use OSX86ModCD and just boot my hardrive with SL partition on it? It worked i have been able to boot MacOS partition via Nawcom OSXMod CD, I am just on Disk management i S.M.A.R.T status is Verified, Just pressed, Verify Permissions, then i will do Repair Disk Permissions. And will try to boot up again. Found something: Open error 5: "Input/Output error" on Syst...bundle/Contents...." And another 20 of them :> is them errors are caused of cutting of power while not using proper Shutdown? Is this option is like Scandisk in windows? so when that will be done it should boot up normally without causing errors unless my hard drive is corrupted.
  9. Without any booting option it just have apple logo booting screen with spinnig wheel, with -v option i have seen that i have error with hard drive, did verify and repair thru disk management but still same i think i need to do clear and reinstall it again, networking still doesnt work, installed realtekr1000.kext from realtek.tw site for macos 10.6, and no luck i still have stupid selfassigned ip, my network cable its just connected via ethernet to my router only. Screen of error: http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/600/img0649ei.jpg
  10. For some reason that didnt worked i will post screens what is goin on its a bit funny, screen with missing parts of it I have managed to boot it up again from retail dvd and landed on my Snow Leopard Screen. Edit: now i cannot boot SL without starting with Nawcoms modcd + retail dvd..
  11. Yes thats fine i have to connect only Ethernet but it seems not to be so easy because it not reconize DHCP IP's, Gateways, DNS etc. i can do it manually but it still will be Your computer is not connected to the network. Installing Kext files i can do only by -x option (safemode) coz my graphics its not installed right ONE MOVE ON THE SCREEN takes about 5 min... I will have a go i found that i need to install it: Installed VoodooHDA and NVenabler but seems to be not working, there is no sound, and when i boot Snow Leopard normally without any flags its veery laggy. 100 times worst then in safe mode, now i have EBIOS read error: Media error Block 0x4a8500 Sectors 0... hmm that could be only thing i did turned off computer by power button, not shutdown process. Any ideas?
  12. I need to try install/setup my network connection, for some reason over ethernet cable connected directly to my router, should automatically assign an IP, Subnet,Router Ip, DNS. It does but as a self asigned ip for some reason. I did tried it manually but no success i have connected status, but when i open safari it shown cannot access internet, check your network settings lol... I have changed resolution by going to System Preferences, Displays, and changed there, it reconized that i have an nvidia graphic card 1024mb, it shown my display correctly with avaible resolutions i have changed from 1440x900x32 @ 60hertz, to 1600x900x32 @60hertz, coz my monitor is widescreen one. I am running now with -x option as a safe mode.. does it make any difference? I will try to change boot settings with "Graphics Mode"="1440x900x32" and if it worked i have to edit com.apple.Boot file adding <key>Graphics Mode</key><string> 1680x1050x32</string> to add it permanently. Hmm... Just now i need broadband to do not jump from PC to PC. And get it fixes How did You Install VoodooHDA? in system preferences it said at Audio Controler/ No Build-in Audio.
  13. With nawcom modcd it does worked! I had smothly running SnOw Leopard on AMD but i tried to change resolution settings and now it freezes up well very very laggy do u know how can i change back resolution back to normal? Btw still need some fixes coz my soundcard has not been reconized and i have to network set up manually as well. But after when i will change my osx working in normal speed lol
  14. I am very glad for that u are helping me, thanks for that. i will go on it in the morning, I will post an result tomorrow.
  15. Right i have burned new dvd of retail snow leopard again. Using EmpireEFI legancy for AMD users. Now I am able start installator but when i use Disk Utility i have formatted my Hard Drive in full as Mac OS (journaled) using GUID not MBR thingy, now i have ! Symbol by my hard drives and it said "this hard drive cannot be used to start you computer" and instalation process cannot be done. I have resized that partition as i found tutorial on apple support forum. As far it does start instalation process but i had an error, "System MacOs cannot be installed at this computer" its going to be funny installation process it is but i dont gave up, i will keep trying to find solution on this issue. Now i dont have a Windows but that doesnt matter i will keep in contact via iphone on this forum.