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  1. [Guide] Dell Precision m4300

    Running of a USB drive but looks kind a acceptable to me http://db.xbench.com/merge.xhtml?doc1=2738...;setCookie=true
  2. [Guide] Dell Precision m4300

    Hello cyonix, since I have also a M4300 I would like to use your post to add hopefully valueable information regarding that laptop. I installed iAtkos_v1r2.iso on it. During the installation I did format the drive as MBR and I did not select any drivers. The installation went fine and I installed Kalyway 10.5.2 update afterwards. After that I upgraded the kernel to "universal kernel 9.2.0" so performance is back CPU shows a lot of features. Speed step is working, at least what I get told from the monitoring tool. xBench test not yet done, but will come. Sound: Usind HDA patcher 1.20 for STAC9205 sound as described in the forum (patch, reload system, copy HDA again back into Extensions worked for me) Mic does not work, speakers are fine, headset not yet tested. Lan: Broadcom 57XX 14e4/1673 is working after a huge effort. I installed the AppleBCM57XXEthernetEH.kext into Extensions. Patching the driver and disabling the NVRAM check with HEX editor. Editing 1673 into the info.plist. Only restriction: Manually set IP, MAC always 000000000 but it works. In case card doesnt start up I use "ifconfig en0 up". Video: Installing NVidiav33.pkg with no kext selected. After that I installed manually the NVInjectGO.kext (nvinject.free.fr). Now the props of the card are correct. Full resolution @ 32bit. Bootloader installation: I used the startuptool to create a bootloader on the leo partition. It was the only way to get it right. All other hints didnt work for me. Boot from iAtkos DVD, run commands a.s.o.. Thread is somewhere in here Almost forgot: Bootup time from "beep" till desktop shows up --> 18sec b.r. Houli
  3. I did read all through this thread today because I am close to buy a MacPro. When I saw the statement that Apple should be twice as expensive than a Dell or HP I can tell you that you are definitely wrong. A Dell and an Hp are both more expensive when you build the system exactly like the Apple and the huge difference is not just the price but also the software functions coming with a plain package. Xeon Dual 2,66 4 GB DDR2/677 250GB Care protection Quadro FX4500 Dell: Windows Pro XP Only No other features selected. Apple around 5600€ Dell around 7400€ So what is with the factor "2" ?? Its all bollocks. I am a Windows power user ever since and I'd never have thought that I might change one time but now the time has come. Vista is not like I thought it was going to be and the stability is more than {censored}. I'll wait for Leopard and then I'll catch my copy of it.