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  1. Samsung N130

    Hi everybody. I have been triying for three days to install SL in my n130, and i don't know why it doesn't work in anyway. I'll try to explain what i've done. I have the iatkos s3 v2 image, whit the checksum ok, and also the retail image of a SL installation dvd. I have tried to make a bootable usb, and I couldn't at all. I Have done it as explained in many tutorials, using guid and mbr triying to succes, and later i have used netbookboot, 0.8.4 rc1 and pre versions, also Chameleon-2.0-RC5, and I have always obtain the same result: it doesn't works, just a black screen with a blinking hash. I have used many usb sticks, and externals hdd-usb, but it doesnt`s work. I have done it from a MBP with lion. Later, i burned the iatkos to a DVD, and use an external DVD writer. I have used many configs, the first was this one: -BOOT ASEREBLN BOOT OPTIONS 32BITS GRAPHICS ENABLERS ETHERNET BUILTIN PATCHES CREAR EXTRA FAKESMC DISABLER RTC KERNELS KERNEL ATOM EVOREBOOT SLEEPENABLER UUID DRIVERS SATA-IDE SATAAHCI SOUND VOODOHDA PS2 APPLEPS2 POWERMANAGER VOODOPOWER LAPTOP HARD BATTERY CARD READER THERMAL ACPI VGA INTEL EFI STRING GMA950 27AE WIFI RALINK 2860 32BIT RED ETHERNET WIRED ATLANSIC L1E It worked the first time, but i changed two kext for the sound and it crash when i rebooted. I tried to reinstall it again whit the same config, but i't doesn't work, many times crash in boot, and another (the most) i heard the music but the screen reamains in grey forever, so i can't do nothing. Later i have tried many config, focusing on modifications of the vga driver to try to solve the screen issue, but the result is alwais the same. The n130 bios is the a06, by the way. somebody would gime me an ad, please? Thanks in advance.