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  1. I had a PCI ethernet card (in addition to the built-in ethernet) on my Dell Precision. I had to remove that card before generating the ID with EFI Studio. I kept getting the ID from the PCI card (unknowingly) and trying to use that. I could never get IOBuiltin=true in NetworkInterfaces.plist because the ID that we being generated from EFI Studio was actually that of the PCI card NOT the built-in ethernet. Hence...alot of frustration and always IOBuiltin=false. App store will not work with IOBuiltin=false. Once I removed the extra card (reboot) and then used EFI Studio, I got a different code. I popped that into the device-properties string in org.chameleon.Boot.plist, deleted the network interface, deleted NetworkInterfaces.plist, rebooted, added the on--board ethernet interface back, and FINALLY app store is back.
  2. Before spending too many more hours on this, is it possible to get VoodooHDA running on a machine with an EnvyHT24 sound card installed ( M-Audio Revolution 7.1 ) ? I have my hackintosh running sound OK without VoodooHDA, but I can't get DTS / DD pass-through to work. Appending the VoodooHDA.kext with the card's device ID and vendor ID causes a kernel panic. I have tried to boot both with and without the EnvyHT24 driver, and get the KP either way.