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  1. Lord Kamina

    i7-8700 weird beachballs

    Even if it's an OEM table, if it is badly written, it will result in an ACPI error when it's loaded. What I did is drop the original and load a corrected version. Anyway, your clover folder didn't really fix this issue. I managed to fix it in the end by applying a mixture of fixes. I used your DSDT (but not your config.plist, although I did take some of your changes like SmartUPS and a couple other things), I kept my darkwake=10 and also added the fixes discussed here: https://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2017/01/12/debugging-sleep-issues/ One thing I hadn't understood before is that deep sleep that doesn't wake with keyboard is actually intended behavior.
  2. Lord Kamina

    i7-8700 weird beachballs

    I dropped it because the OEM version doesn't compile.
  3. Lord Kamina

    i7-8700 weird beachballs

    Could you please tell me what you changed/why? I like knowing what I'm doing. From running a folder diff I can see you updated several kexts for which apparently new versions are now out. I also see you changed lots of things in the config.plist; some of those changes I cannot understand why; though. You removed the sensrhub table, and modified the SIP config, and removed some of my custom DSM from the DSDT (Wifi, USB3.1), why? Some of those tables (for example sensorhub) were there because the stock ones didn't compile due to syntax errors and that resulted in missing functionality (in the case of sensrhub, I couldn't see half my sensors)
  4. Lord Kamina

    i7-8700 weird beachballs

    I have an updated summary of the issue, as I reproduced and saw it for myself now. After sleeping and waking (slept just long enough for the fans and lights to turn off), the computer works normally except that if you try to open any image or video file, the application used to do it (Be it Preview, VLC, QuickLook, you name it) becomes nonresponsive, to the point of preventing restart/shutdown. Although, it's still possible to Force Quit it from the dock or activity manager, as usual.
  5. Lord Kamina

    i7-8700 weird beachballs

    https://ufile.io/5dizz There you go.
  6. Hello there everyone. I recently put together a CL hackintosh for a somebody else and it mostly works fine; however, he's been having a problem that I (so far) haven't been able to replicate. He sometimes gets odd beachballs that end up freezing the computer into needing a cold shutdown and boot; which usually in turn freeze halfway through the boot process only for a reboot to work. Recently he mentioned this happened after several hours of sleep (left the computer sleeping during the night), so I'll try reproducing it later. However, I'm trying to figure out what the actual problem might be. I've got a theory: Wake-up issues with the NVME controller. Why? I've been experiencing similar issues on my real MBP (2011) because the secondary HD ribbon cable has been coming loose. Of course, since it's just a secondary drive, it's a large inconvenience but it doesn't completely shut the computer down. It would certainly be different if this was happening with the primary drive, though. What do people think about this? It's the first time I've built a hackintosh with modern hardware (my own is Ivy Bridge) and I'd never tried NVME before, so there's been plenty of trial and error involved in this build. Stats: CPU: i7-8700 MB: Gigabyte Z370-HD3P RAM: 32 GB DDR4 Video: Asus RX580 Drives: Samsung 940 EVO, 2x 1TB HDDs. Wifi/BT: BCM94331 Other than this issue, pretty much everything seems to be working fine on 10.13.2 (with the exception of the CPU saying Unknown on "About this Mac" but I guess that's cosmetic and expected)
  7. If you have only ASMedia ports, that should work fine. If you've also got Intel native ports you might need a little extra work to get them all working. Eventually, if you need more ports you can also buy a compatible PCIe expansion card such as https://www.amazon.com/ORICO-External-Controller-Hot-Plug-PVU3-5O2I/dp/B01N01RVG1/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1488213412&sr=8-8&keywords=orico+usb+pcie I bought one of those a while ago and it works great.
  8. You don't need GenericUSBXHCI nor Caldigit... those kexts are NOT compatible with 10.11+... GenericUSBXHCI kind of sorta works but is very unstable and I doubt Caldigit works at all. If you're on 10.11.6, the vanilla OSX kext is enough. You probably just need to put the proper devices in the DSDT if it doesn't work right away (look up the DSDT injection guide using lspci) Attached is proof.
  9. Is your device ID 1B21:1142? that's the exact identifier of my working chip. Are you using 10.11.6 or better (I assume it also works in Sierra, though I haven't really tried it)? If both of those are "yes", then maybe you just need to add the ports to your DSDT. In my case, they are under EXCD since it's an expresscard, but as I reported previously, it is fully recognized by the native AppleUSBXHCIPCI driver (and in fact it works much better than it ever did with GenericUSBXHCI).
  10. Actually, while it's true that the frontend Console app is now pretty horrible, you can still find pretty much any info you want (and I'd say have even more control over it) by using the "log" command, once you understand how to use it properly.
  11. I wasn't. I already managed to get it fixed, with the DisableASPM thing, which is why I recommended it above to people who are experiencing the prolonged black screen issue. (I assume my case was an extreme version of that!)
  12. Have you tried turning off ASPM in Clover configurator, ACPI section?
  13. Lord Kamina

    A _different_ web drivers black screen on boot issue?

    PSA: This issue was apparently caused by ASPM. I managed to boot normally by ticking the DisableASPM option in Clover Configurator. Still, if anybody has something to contribute, I'd be glad to hear it.
  14. Lord Kamina

    Are there global nvidia/sierra issues?

    I honestly have no idea what failed (if anything), despite the smoke and obvious "burnt" smell I can't really spot any symptoms other than some HDDs not being seen by the BIOS (but working fine in both Win and macOS) Although a PSA, I appear to have found what actually caused the issue: ASPM. My previous board (P67A-GD55) didn't have ASPM support; i.e. I got the "AppleLPC::notifyPlatformASPM - registering with plugin with ASPM Support false." message, so I used DisableASPM on CloverConfigurator. My current board (Z77 OC Formula) has ASPM support and gave a different message (basically saying ASPM registered) so I wasn't using the DisableASPM option in CloverConfigurator. Yesterday I booted without ASPMDisable and got that problem. Today I got the idea to try it, so I booted with nv_disable=1 and turned off ASPM in CloverConfigurator. Result? I can now boot with my GTX980 and the webdrivers!
  15. Lord Kamina

    Are there global nvidia/sierra issues?

    The only thing that changed between "no smoke" and "oh holy sh-..." Was me removing nv_disable=1. As to why I can't boot with the current motherboard... That's anybody's guess. I only know it's not related to AGDP