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  1. Lord Kamina

    Patching MSR 0xE2 on GA-Z370-HD3P

    Has anyone been succesful doing this? My board is MSR locked consistently along all cores according to VerifyMSRE2.efi; I can follow the instructions in AptioKit's readme for unlocking it via finding the settings offset and using setup_var (although I get some GUID and offset errors but seemingly it works fine) but I haven't been able to patch the BIOS. Using the patches.txt from the repo, the Kaby Lake patch sInit patch is applied but it appears to not be enough, since the register won't change if I flash this patched bios. Has anybody figured out whether there might be something else needed here to patch this properly? I also tried to patch the "default" option from Enabled to Disabled by using an hex editor and rebuilding the BIOS file; figured out in [icode] 0x3733B One Of Option: Disabled, Value (8 bit): 0x0 {09 07 04 00 00 00 00} 0x37342 One Of Option: Enabled, Value (8 bit): 0x1 (default) {09 07 03 00 30 00 01} [/icode] the 30 corresponds to "default" but again, this didn't change anything (although it is possible that "Default" is just cosmetic and I didn't actually change the setting I guess)
  2. Lord Kamina

    CMOS resets on a Z370 board (Boot Failure Detected)

    Did you actually read what I posted? It only resets on a cold boot. Also, that option IS on.
  3. Got a GA-Z370-HD3P, i7-8700, Rx580 and a Samsung 960 EVO; it's running 10.14.3 and everything is working perfectly including sleep (although even the computer appears to power down completely, I like being to wake it via keyboard/mouse/usb, even if that might not be vanilla behavior) Anyway... the problem is, I've been experiencing the CMOS resets of doom; i.e. I get the [icode]Boot Failure Detected: The System has experiecned a boot failure possible due to incorrect configuration.[/icode] They don't happen on restart, nor do they happen on shutdown, nor do they happen on wake/sleep. I've tried those several times, even letting the hack go to sleep for a couple hours before waking it in between reboot cycles. CMOS is apparently only being reset when the computer is powered-off and disconnected from mains. Any idea what could cause this other than a dead battery? Could it actually be related to my Mac/Clover setup if it's only happening during a cold boot? I'm ruling out the battery because it's giving 3.12V, which seems pretty much ok for a cell rated at 3V.
  4. Update: 1) The AE_EXCEPTION issue related to PciConfig also appears when I boot ubuntu without Clover so it's most likely not a product of my patches and a benign message. 2) I'm not getting the USB panic anymore, I think it might have been due to me trying to get cute and renaming the USB 3.1 ports (Not Intel) XHC2. 3) I'm now seeing a new error that looks like it takes the money, and I've updated the topic title to reflect this... the entire error message is: AppleNVME Assert failed: fIOMapRegs 000002.705297 PXSX@: AppleUSBXHCI::start: unable to get device memory EDIT: It seems the above was not quite correct. I booted using cpus=1 (does that even actually work anymore? seems like it does at least...) and the screen changed a bit; it seems that was a mashup of more than one error message.
  5. Oh no, the one in the signature is my personal hackintosh and it's still on 10.12.6 This one is Gigabyte Z370, i7-8700, 960 EVO NVME and an RX580
  6. I've been tasked with updating a hackintosh to Mojave (I originally built it but hadn't touched it since late 2017). It was acting up on a number of fronts so I updated the BIOS and went to work remaking the DSDT and SSDT patches from scratch but it seems I still broke something... I'm currently getting three errors that are preventing me from booting, not sure which of the three is actually the most relevant. First, during ACPI loading I get the following: ACPI Exception: AE_BAD_PARAMETER, Could not install PciConfig handler for Root Bridge PCI0 But loading seemingly continues without much issue. Then, I begin getting several AppleNVME asserts (I'm using a Samsung 960 EVO and it was working before) and then sometimes I also get an AppleUSBXHCI panic. Whether I get this last panic or not, the computer hangs. Any idea what might I be doing wrong? P.S. I know it's unorthodox but I've decided to drop all my OEM SSDTs and inject them back (I've gone through them all correcting compilation errors and warnings, as far as I could, as well as making sure to rename what needed renaming. I guess I might have added some stuff I didn't need?) acpi.zip config.plist.zip
  7. On this hackintosh I assembled a while ago for an acquaintance I was using kozlek's fakesmc, where I was getting two fan readings (CPU and one mainboard). Although not optimal (the computer has like 8 fans), it was something. Yesterday I replaced FakeSMC and its plugins for the latest releases of Rehabman's fork and they most work pretty well (yay Polaris sensors), but now I'm only getting one fan reading. I've got a custom DSDT and SSDTs also but I don't think (or at least I don't remember) whether I actually did something for the fans on the SSDTs. I was hoping if somebody could point me at where should I look/read for what should I try changing on the FakeSMC/ACPISensors plists and/or SSDTs in order to try and get a better result. I saw some mentioned around of using ACPIDebug.kext but I'm not familiar with (keep in mind, before now I hadn't touched this computer since roughly mid-2017)
  8. Ok at some point I had misunderstood (or overlooked) the part where I can partially disable ports so I can disable the USB2 part of USB3 ports. Using that, I managed to get them down under 15 so disregard this topic.
  9. I haven't upgraded yet so I don't know. But if I needed it in older versions of HS, I don't see why would I not need the equivalent on Mojave.
  10. I'm a bit of a veteran to hackintoshes but I haven't really kept up much lately since my own hackintosh is still running 10.12.6 and one I built for an acquaintance, I hadn't touched since 10.13.2 was the latest OS. For that one, I got pretty much everything working in the best possible way at the moment, including a proper SSDT for USB injection and a customized port-limit patch (18 ports IIRC) I've just been asked to upgrade that computer to Mojave and I see the new patch everywhere but as tends to be the case with hackintosh, people tend to just repeat the patch like it was a magical incantation amidst a chorus of "Worked for me!", "Zero results!" and others. I've never liked "monkey see, monkey do." So... is there anybody who can actually explain what changed that needs a new patch and, how could I make an equivalent of what I already have instead of patching it to have 9999999 usb ports or some idiocy like that?
  11. Lord Kamina

    i7-8700 weird beachballs

    Even if it's an OEM table, if it is badly written, it will result in an ACPI error when it's loaded. What I did is drop the original and load a corrected version. Anyway, your clover folder didn't really fix this issue. I managed to fix it in the end by applying a mixture of fixes. I used your DSDT (but not your config.plist, although I did take some of your changes like SmartUPS and a couple other things), I kept my darkwake=10 and also added the fixes discussed here: https://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2017/01/12/debugging-sleep-issues/ One thing I hadn't understood before is that deep sleep that doesn't wake with keyboard is actually intended behavior.
  12. Lord Kamina

    i7-8700 weird beachballs

    I dropped it because the OEM version doesn't compile.
  13. Lord Kamina

    i7-8700 weird beachballs

    Could you please tell me what you changed/why? I like knowing what I'm doing. From running a folder diff I can see you updated several kexts for which apparently new versions are now out. I also see you changed lots of things in the config.plist; some of those changes I cannot understand why; though. You removed the sensrhub table, and modified the SIP config, and removed some of my custom DSM from the DSDT (Wifi, USB3.1), why? Some of those tables (for example sensorhub) were there because the stock ones didn't compile due to syntax errors and that resulted in missing functionality (in the case of sensrhub, I couldn't see half my sensors)
  14. Lord Kamina

    i7-8700 weird beachballs

    I have an updated summary of the issue, as I reproduced and saw it for myself now. After sleeping and waking (slept just long enough for the fans and lights to turn off), the computer works normally except that if you try to open any image or video file, the application used to do it (Be it Preview, VLC, QuickLook, you name it) becomes nonresponsive, to the point of preventing restart/shutdown. Although, it's still possible to Force Quit it from the dock or activity manager, as usual.
  15. Lord Kamina

    i7-8700 weird beachballs

    https://ufile.io/5dizz There you go.