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    new nvidia driver 313.01.01f03 and cuda 5.0.59

    These web drivers totally SUCK for my GTX 5xx Firmi cards. They drop Luxmark 2.0 OpenCL performance by a whopping 35%!!!!!! GTX 580 Classified 3GB drops from 1430 to 1050. GTX 570 HD 2.5GB drops from 1101 to 844. I switched back immediately. I wonder if 6xx Kelper users are seeing a performance increase or decrease? I also wonder if this is nVidia trying to cripple/throttle the 5xx cards to sell new ones. I guess the next update will give more insight about that. It was the "OpenCL reporting error". Luxmark shows 16 & 15 compute units with the web driver and 60 & 64 compute units with the stock driver. Thanks to Rampage Dev for reminding me of that bug.
  2. No biggie unless you think this could be a superior way to extract the DSDT.
  3. Can I extract 3404.ROM for the R4E? If so, How?
  4. I do. I had issues switching PCI cards and having to re-extract and edit. I guess that could have been avoided if I would have extracted without OS X loaded. If I extracted in windows, is the DSDT affected by installed PCI card GPUs ect... Would I get the same DSDT no matter how many devices are Installed?
  5. Thanks! Do you feel extracting from windows is better? and why? I assume using terminal would be the same as using DSDTSE? Can you please outline your preferred method?