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  1. A lot of questions for modern classic macos

    Yep, no extension. Well, i solved the problem with sheepshaver (and i found a BT client) but the rom is too old for the apps that i need for download. Im thinking on extract the powerbook rom but using rom grabber the file isn't readable. Do you know any way to extract it's rom correctly(I'm using macOs 8.6 and i know about Newworld/oldworld roms).
  2. A lot of questions for modern classic macos

    finaly i found them. But i have one problem: These files are not coded(no .sit no .bin or .hqx extension) and im not using the powerbook for downloads(my network card is dead/no BT client for classic MacOS). What i should do? PD: if u can bring it to a other file sharing service(like badongo or rapidshare). Making a "mac image" over an internet cafe pc is a hard work.
  3. A lot of questions for modern classic macos

    [MY QUOTE] For third question: Then, who sell it? I tried to search it on ebay and no results. ¿Exists any freeware alternative(better if supports usb) [YOUR QUOTE] no. you can use alcso vpc 3, 4 or 5 or another emulator i tried these days, it should be BlueSomething, from the same people that now sells GuestPC. oh, and there is also SoftPC/SoftWindows and RealPC. Well, i asked for toast alternatives. After all, Thanks to try to help me. At least, I have some answers.
  4. What old Macs you have lying around?

    I tested tangerine ibook in 2001 :9 Now i have a powerbook 5300(dead, im trying to emulate it in my siemens scenic) and a powerbook 3400c
  5. system 7 on pc?

    Exists any way to use a PPC emulator over wind*ws 98? Sheepshaver crashes over NT 5.x systems and emulation over linux is too slow. The reason: relive my crushed PB 5300 (i tried with my other powerbook, 3400c model and POOR PC! ) PD: im looking for a PPC version of BeOS. Who has it (for download or purchase in the worst of cases)?
  6. A lot of questions for modern classic macos

    For the first question: i tried over p2p sites but only are available pirated versions of VPC 7 or wind*ws version. I just need an update! For third question: Then, who sell it? I tried to search it on ebay and no results. ¿Exists any freeware alternative(better if supports usb)? A fourth question: How i can connect a modern ipod over macos9 or earlier(im using OS 8.6)? I read a HOWTO that explains it but is designed for firewire based ipods (I have a 2G ipod mini and USB connection). My ipod is detected by my powerbook(i have an external pc card -What headache!) but it just charges the battery. System profiler says: "Apple Ipod mini Second Generation" but no disk icon available. My ipod is used like disk and is "wind*ws formatted" by default (I not tried formatting it to HFS because i have my doubts. 3GB backup via usb 1.1 is the other problem).
  7. Hello, im new in this forums and a out of time switcher (Too much late, I would say). Well, i have a powerbook 3400c with macos 8.6 and a dead powerbook 5300. 1) I have Virtualpc 2.0 and this program has problems with os 8.6. Exists a patch that solves it, the 2.13 update, but this file is not available from any site! In the apple official forums, They suggested me to look in infomac servers. No related files. Micro**** is the virtualpc owner now, but Micro**** doesn't supports earlier macos versions than X . Yes yes, i can buy VPC 3 on ebay and problem solved, but the ram is other problem(other 50 bucks + shipping and a dollar is too much in peru), reason of my insistence. Anybody has the file? 2) I have a LG internal IDE CD-RW drive(52x50x52) and im planning to convert it in external usb recorder (Low speed? no matter). I could natively backup my data of that way but I have my doubts. I see the same recorder in a old powermac(used as IDE) and LG doesn't give a macOs support for it. Anyone has tried to use a internal LG recorder as external? One thing more: Toast 4 and earlier, can be declarated like "abandonware"? I cannot find it by any side(in commercial terms).