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  1. Hi All. I have a problem where sleep works for me, but after my Hackintosh wakes the audio stutters. I have found that if I remove "Enable C-States" from boot.plist then this problem goes away but then I get "cst evaluation error" when I boot. Does anybody know how to fix this? I'm running 10.8.2 and my CPU is a Core 2 Duo E6400 which I think only supports C1E. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. OK, so I'm replying to my own post just in case it helps somebody else who finds themselves in the same situation. I managed to get to the installer by remaking my USB stick. I turned out that I had made two mistakes: (i) I had chosen MBR instead of GUID when I originally partitioned my USB stick - it only works with GUID / GPT; and (ii) I had chosen the wrong SMBIOS.plist - my tip here is to choose a mac model that is close to your CPU AND your graphics card. I had only chosen a model close to my CPU but which had a different graphics card and this was also causing me problems. I hope this helps someone!
  3. CAN'T REACH ML INSTALLATION SCREEN Hi. I'm trying to install ML on my hacktintosh that I've been running SL 10.6.8 on for quite a while and have followed this guide (thanks for the guide!). However, when I try to boot the USB stick I created my machine reboots before I get to the installation screen. The last thing I see when I run with the verbose flag is: Starting Darwin x86_64 Boot Args: uuid=9b98.... rd=*uuid npci=0x2000 -v I chose imac8,1 as the smbios. My rig specs are: Core2Duo E6400 Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 2GB RAM Asus 8400GS Video Could somebody please help me take the next step to reach the installation screen? Thanks in advance. Screenshot to go with my last post attached!