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  1. Thank you for your replies. I have now updated to 10.6.8 and used Marvins AMD utility which has enabled the use of the full 8gb of RAM and also (looking at activity monitor) I am running 64bit applications. I can now boot via Chameleon loader without any tags. In OSX however, when I go to launch Chrome or iTunes I get the "Quit unexpectedly error".. 32bit applications I believe, so I'm going to try the AMD_INSN_PATCHER again and will post my results back. Could just be the need for another boot flag though? EDIT: Good news! It worked. I can now boot without any flags. My boot originally hang but after restarting and adding -v flag I discovered the graphics enabler was causing it when injecting my ATI card (separate GPU for dual monitor).. I just removed it from my build (wont miss it) and it's all good. There is always one thing though, no? Just launched a sound file to discover my sound is choppy again! VooDooHDA gives choppy sound unless moving the mouse. Originally fixed this by setting the sample rate in Utilities/Audio MIDI setup to 44100.0HZ and enabling SSE2 in VooDooHDA options. Doesn't do it this time. Bring on the search. EDIT: Sorted it. I had to reinstall VoodooHDA and reboot with -f and then it reset to original sample rate (not 44100.0Hz), so I changed it - enabled SSE2 again - and I'm all sorted. Dare I say it? Why did I choose an AMD CPU
  2. Hi all, Have successfully installed Snow Leopard on my machine using ModCd and Retail Disc method (Disc is 10.6.1, so my current version is 10.6.1). First things first; Specs AMD Anthlon II X2 250 Processor 3 GHz ASUS M5A97 Pro Motherboard 3 SATA Hard drives (1 Windows, 1 OSX, and the other for Data) 8gb DDR3 RAM (2x Crucial Ballistix 4gb sticks) Nvidia 9800gx2 GFX 1gb I have the ethernet, sound and graphics card all fully working and recognised. Currently running Snow Leopard with boot flags -v maxmem=4096. I cannot boot any other way and I have tried -force64 arch=x86_64 but they produce Kernal Panics. So I'm only running a 32bit version at the moment, can't seem to get 64bit working. I have tried the patch AMD_INSN_Patcher - didn't do anything. Just looking for a few pointers as I feel I'm very nearly there. I hope I have supplied enough information for someone to help? If not then I am ready!