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  1. Mouse and KB not working with new Gigabyte p55

    Hi, I tried those to no avail. I disabled pretty much everything else after that to see if anything along those lines might help but no dice.
  2. Mouse and KB not working with new Gigabyte p55

    Thanks for the reply. I tried that along with permutations of -v EHCIacquire=Yes UHCIreset=Yes USBBusFix=Yes USBLegacyOff=Yes Still no dice though I attached new images of the attempt with the above flags. The first one is a bit blurry, I tried to get it several times, but the screen is scrolling to quickly for the camera.
  3. Mouse and KB not working with new Gigabyte p55

    Would using an apple keyboard and mouse help? I also tried -f (in a different attempt than the one pictured above) I see a great many posts about the mouse not working on google, but most of the threads end without any resolution. Could the issue be caused by having a incompatible WIFI card installed? The system is pretty bare bones at the moment.
  4. Mouse and KB not working with new Gigabyte p55

    Hi, I check the USB legacy mode and tried it on both its enabled and disabled settings. Here are the photo's of the -v mode Any clues?
  5. Mouse and KB not working with new Gigabyte p55

    They are USB devices. By install screen I mean, I boot from the DVD and I get to the screen where I select languages and I cant move the mouse or control it with the keyboard
  6. Hi, I had been trying to get a Hackintosh running on an incompatible HP computer for months so I rebuilt it with an old Gigabyte p55A-UD4P motherboard. I cant get the mouse or the keyboard to work. The light on the mouse works during bootup but its dark once I'm at the install screen. I read that USBBusFix=yes might work but it had no effect. I would really appreciate any advice.