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  1. Thank you sir! That was the direction I needed. I will try the Apple PS/2 and if all else fails I'll do the ModCD idea, sounds a lot more logical to do it that way. *I'll also get you that PCI ID when I can. *The vendor ID is 168 and the device ID is 002E. PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002E&CC_0280
  2. Hey guys. Been working on this hackintosh for over a week now and I'm finally getting somewhere! I am dual booting Windows 7 with iAtkos S3 v2 (disk0s5). My System - AMD Phenom II X4 N970 quad core 2.2GHz - AMD Radeon HD 6470M - 4 GB RAM - 500 GB SATA - Broadcom Ethernet - Atheros ARB97 wireless card iAtkos Customize Bootloader -Chameleon v2 RC5 Bootloader Options -Graphics enabled -Legacy Logo Patches -/Extra Directory -fakesmc -Disabler -RTC -Modified Kernel - qoopz 10.3.0 -USB Drivers -Main Hardware -SATA/IDE -AHCI SATA -Sound -Voodoo HDA -Laptop Hardware -Battery What's not working - Built in keyboard and mouse (Voodoo PS/2 causes error on boot "Can't load kext com.apple.driver.AppleUSBECHI". This also causes my keyboard and mouse to become useless even when I boot with -x, requiring a reinstall.) - WiFi Atheros ARB97 - Ethernet (only tried the Ethernet option in the iAtkos Bootloader Options, but if I can get WiFi working I won't need this.) So my main concern at the moment is to try and get my keyboard and mouse working, then the WiFi. I've only tried Voodoo PS/2 at the moment so I'm going to try Apple PS/2 next, but right now Voodoo breaks my system. After installing the kext my mouse and keyboard become useless. I can move the mouse but can't click on a damn thing, even in safe boot. The error I get on boot with -v is "Can't load kext com.apple.driver.AppleUSBECHI". Now I know I saw an option for EHCIaquire under Bootloader Options in iAtkos, but whenever I try and install with that my installation freezes at the end (around 7 minutes remaining). Then I tried installing with the USB patch in iAtkos which installs a modified IOUSBFamily.kext but that made no difference. I've learned that com.apple.driver.AppleUSBEHCI resides in IOUSBFamily.kext so after my next installation I'm going to check and see if that is there. If it's not then it sounds like a new a new IOUSBFamily.kext. If everything looks good then I'll probably try and install Apple PS/2 and hope for the best, but I think it will honestly do the same thing to my mouse and keyboard. So if anyone can help me out with this PS/2 issue that would be great. Thanks in advance.