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  1. Fixed my KPs by disabling Memory Remapping in BIOS. Thanks goes to the previous poster here that noted that.
  2. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    What does HPET do for me? Or better yet, what happens without it? I need my firewire working but want to update to 10.5.6 for the coming iApps. If I run without HPET, is there any consequence to performance or stability? Thanks.
  3. Did you every figure this one out? I have the similar symptoms. If I use the DVD drive for awhile and then eject it from the finder window. The DVD drive becomes unfunctional. I cannot eject via keyboard or finder. The DVD drive is also not seen in NOT seen in the About This Mac at this point. Upon restart, the DVD drive is fully functional. 100% supported in About This Mac. Thanks for any help.
  4. Dell D505 Install probs

    OK, I have a few answers. For those that have the grey graphics, you need to increase the graphics memory in the BIOS to 8MB. When you install 10.4.8, do not install the GMA9XX drivers in Commonly Supported Hardware package. If you did, I would assume you could boot in to safe mode and sudo rm them from the /System/Library/Extensions. Worked for me. I am now running 10.4.8. I'm still working on getting the wireless to work, but other than that not too bad.
  5. Dell D505 Install probs

    Looks like the last OS install that worked was 10.4.6. The kext referenced in other posts is no longer in the Extensions folder. When loading, it now tries to use the AppleIntel915.kext. I don't know if the old kext could be dropped into 10.4.8 or what. You first need to get the kext. This notebook uses the 852GM/852GME/855GM/855GME graphics chip. I'm going to try 10.4.6.
  6. Dell D505 Install probs

    Same thing here. Video stalls at roughly the same point. Everything else seems to be running in the background. verbose indicates the VID issue and then loads loginwindow and can't find airport.
  7. Attansic L1 Driver Project

    What about if someone set up a VNC on one of these boards for DaemonES? If you had a wireless card/USB for the internet connection, couldn't DaemonES just jump on someones machine and finish this up?