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    Quartz Extreme with GeForce 8400M GS

    got mine working: 3) The com.apple.Boot.plist a) GraphicsEnabler. That’s so huge!!!!! Just add this code to your Boot.plist. <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>y</string> Attention! a.1) In order to work properly, DON’T add EFI strings, DON’T add ANY graphicsrelated kext to the Extra/Extension folder. DON’T add graphics hacks to DSDT. a.2) If it still doesn’t work’s: use gfxutil (gfxutil –f display) to see your PCIRoot(0,X). If X=0 you are doing something wrong or your card is not supported. If X=1,two solutions patch PCI0 device Name (One to Zero) in DSDT or use Netkas 10.1 bootloader. I now have QE! just needed to follow a.1
  2. Did you get any further with this?
  3. spookFX

    Quartz Extreme with GeForce 8400M GS

    Ok, So we are now on 10.6.3 (almost time for 10.6.4) , did any of you guys out there find a solution? Thanks
  4. spookFX

    Quartz Extreme with GeForce 8400M GS

    Geee!!!! thanks!!!! /SARC I hope someone has something useful to say about this, The 8400MGS is actually listed in the 10.6.3 Driver (NVDANV50HAL) as a supported chipset 0427 G86 [GeForce 8400M GS] I have got as far as a real resolution with a hand coded NVCAP... but I still haven't managed to enable the Quartz Extreme... I've tried my hand at DSDT and failed... if someone wants to offer a hand I'll gladly give any information needed. I have tried netkas drivers and NVinject and several others... looks like the drivers just aren't out there or I'm not working them correctly.... It looks like there are a number of laptops with these chipsets, please help, If you need a tester, I'm here! running 10.6.3 in 64bit (yes, I tried arch=x86 for each of the above drivers and still no joy), intel core2duo cpu. Thanks
  5. spookFX

    nVidia injection

    Good question! This project sounds like it may do something great, I hope it continues. Maybe also post some instructions as to how you want us to get the BIOS off the card, as I have so far been unsuccessful and have tried at least 3 different methods. Thanks
  6. spookFX

    Drivers for 8600M GS

    Has Anyone made any progress on this? Thanks