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  1. It's definitely possible. You'll have to exclude each UUID of the partition that you don't want mounted. Here's a quick description of how to do that with a Windows "Boot Camp" partition -- it's basically the same premise, just make multiple lines, all of which have the unique UUID of each parition you'd like not to mount; also be sure you define the filesystem correctly. If these are HFS+ formatted partitions you'll need to include that in the line in fstab.conf Hiding NTFS Partitions (Boot Camp) -P2
  2. I've been searching on and off for a solution to enable Internet Sharing via Terminal for some time. I think the main reason I haven't found anything is because I'm having a hard time finding anyone else with the need to enable services without using OS X's GUI. So here's the deal: I've got a work-issued 4th Gen Macbook Pro that's been slightly locked down by our Helpdesk to prevent idiotic users from turning on (and leaving on) services that could create security holes. So the entire "Sharing" preference pane has been locked out. Although the preference pane is disabled it still seems that some services are able to be activated manually. I'm able to enable Apache and SSHd by using launching their daemons, but I'm curious if anyone knows the Terminal equivalent of how to enable Internet Sharing? I don't need any lectures about "the Sharing preference pane is disabled for a reason", etc. I'm only planning on using this in my apartment as a wireless bridge for various purposes, I realize the security risks, and it'll be disabled before my machine even goes near our corporate network. I'm very familiar with Linux, but not too sure what kind of launcher Apple uses to get all the necessary processes (DNS, DHCP, etc) started and working together to get Internet Sharing to work; I'm sure all could be launched and configured manually...but that defeats the whole feel to a nice simple OS X'ish solution. Thanks in advance, P2 p.s. -- also curious if it's possible to enable "Bluetooth Sharing" via Terminal so I can Bluetooth files from my Cell to my MBP.
  3. Is there any specific method of installation? Or is Tiger now supported to be installed into a VM. I just used Carbon Copy Cloner (http://www.bombich.com/software/ccc.html) to make a .DMG of my Tiger install. Is it possible to mount .DMG's as CD or USB drives in VMWare Fusion? This way I can boot from the VM into Tiger and use CCC to re-install Tiger onto a partition into the Virtual Machine, theoretically... I'll try after classes tomorrow. -P2
  4. Ross, I'm also curious if it's possible to create a VM of an already existing installation of Tiger. I have a work Macbook Pro with a 160GB HDD that has a Tiger Image on it, with Cisco VPN certs loaded, etc. Well, Tiger doesn't have several things I've become accustomed to with Leopard and a work Leopard image isn't even in the picture. So, for now I've swapped Hard-Drives with a 100GB i had from an old work T60. I still have Tiger on the original MBP hard-drive and I've installed Leopard on the 100GB drive I have in the MBP now. I'm curious if it's possible to virtualize the image of Tiger that I have on my 160GB HDD, while the 160GB HDD is running in the MBP? Then I'd like to take this image and run Tiger as a virtual machine within Leopard. So I can have my normal work environment (Leopard) but also have VPN capabilities when I really need them. Also, there's no chance of my company allowing this, if they even knew I was running Leopard and no antivirus I'd have to return the laptop (their minds are wired by Microsoft). Any help's appreciated, -P2
  5. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    gneely74, Yes, it's working fine as we speak. When I run Software Update it says I still need to install the Graphics Update, but thats probably just because it detects that the version of ATINDRV.kext is not the same as the LGU. Otherwise, all other kexts are LGU kexts, the only one thats modified is ATIRadeonX1000.kext, and I'm using ATIinject.kext to get my resolution to 1680x1050. Try the kexts I posted above, just be sure to change your EDID in ATIinject.kext and you should be good to go. Do the traditional 'chown, chmod', rm -rf Extensions.mkext, & 'diskutil repairPermissions /' on the kexts and you should be all set. Righteye helped me out with this, it just took me to realize I've been using the wrong damn device ID for a couple weeks now. -P2 EDIT 03/15/08 -- I've just reinstalled OS X again just to clean up some of the unnecessary mess I left after making so many changes during testing. I am now running Kalyway 10.5.1 -> Kaly 10.5.2 Combo Updater -> Kaly 10.5.2 Vanilla Kernel -> Leopard Graphics Update -- I have full QE/CI & External Display (with QE/CI) with ONLY modifying my ATIRadeonX1000.kext (Info.plist, ATIRadeonX1000 binary file) and ATIinject.kext (EDID, device/vendor ID's). There was no need to modify ATINDRV.kext that was installed by default with the LGU. I've also noticed that some animations exist now, and my system has yet to boot to a black screen. This is a huge improvement for me.
  6. Reilley Solving the extremely long boot process after installing the 10.5.2 update is very simple. You have two options: 1) Download Kalyway's 10.5.2 Kernel package and install it. You will have two options for kernels, the 10.5.2 Vanilla kernel (you can use this if you're running an EFI setup and are using a modified AppleACPIPlatform.kext) or you check the box for the modified kernel and use that. 2) Alternatively, head over to the IRC channel at irc.osx86.hu and join channel #10.5 in the topic you will see links to Netkas's updated 9.2.0 kernels (which are built for 10.5.2). Trust me, this is the only thing that will solve the long boot after installing 10.5.2. Post back with results please. -P2
  7. Snoomy, I ran into identical issues on my Lenovo T60p. Once I did get my trackpad working with the driver I could move it around for about 2-3 seconds, then the mouse cursor would freeze. I tried hooking up an external keyboard/mouse after this happened to restart the daemon, but no luck. The trackpad still wouldn't work. This happened after every successive restart. I'm just using the sidebar in windows or just using Spacebar/Shift-spacebar...it sucks, but it'll have to do. I try to keep an external mouse handy for when I'm on the laptop at work, etc. -P2
  8. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    @righteye Thanks a lot for the KEXTS, but they didn't help. Luckily, the process of installing your kexts made me realize my mistake... After I booted the system after reinstalling the Leopard Graphics Update I checked System Profiler and it said "No Kext Loaded" for my Graphics Card, which is expected. Then, I realized that this entire time i've been using the wrong device ID. The device ID listed in System Profiler was 71D4, while I've been injecting 71D5 in all my kexts. I confirmed this by backing up a couple pages in this thread and reading gneely74's post... I feel like a moron for doing this... unbelievable. Well, I'll be sure to update any of the other threads as well as anyone else who has been having issued with their FireGL v5250 on Leopard after the Graphics Update -- because my system is finally working with QE/CI after the LGU!! Thanks for inadvertently helping me notice this, -P2 P.S. -- I'm uploading the working 10.5.2 Post LGU Kexts for ATi FireGL v5250 (71D4) here && attaching to this post. 1052FireGLv5250Kexts_P2iM0.zip
  9. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    Righteye, Here's a zip containing the KEXTS I used before 10.5.2, and the ones I've most recently tried modifying. The most recent files are pretty much the ATIinject.kext that I used from pre 10.5.2 (which I stole from Finetuned a while back), the ATINDRV you suggested trying to use, and the ATIRadeonX1000.kext from the Graphics Update where I modified the Info.plist and replaced 71DE with 71D5 (D571 -- my device ID). I do not have my EDID on hand, going to install windows quickly on a temporary HDD to snag my EDID...will update once I get it. (I know the ATIinject.kext I've been using from Finetuned has worked fine with my system so far...) I'm hosting my kext files on my own webserver, download them here or attached at the bottom. Thanks again, -P2
  10. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    Thanks Righteye. Believe me, that was the first thing that I tried. I already tried using your package, just your ATINDRV with my RadeonX1000.kext, and several other combinations, while they all work, they do not work in the sense of enabling QE/CI. If I just use the Kexts from the Graphics Update my system is completely usable. My intentions are to get QE/CI working 100%, and I have yet to find out how to do that with the Graphics Update Installed. Thanks anyways -P2
  11. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    @all So, is there any news on getting X1700's working without black menus and full QE/CI after 10.5.2 & the Graphics Update? I've been trying to modify the kexts included in the Graphics Update and can't seem to get QE/CI regardless of what I do. One of the biggest differences between before/after the Graphics Update is ATINDRV.kext is completely overhauled in the Graphics Update, there is no information in ATINDRV.kext/Contents/Info.plist -- there is now a plugins directory with different types of plugins. ATINDRV.kext/Contents/Plugins Contains: ATY_Alopias.kext ATY_Caretta.kext ATY_Hypoprion.kext ATY_lago.kext ATY_Lamna.kext ATY_Sphyrna.kext ATY_Wormy.kext I'm not sure if we need new mods for ATINDRV.kext because I'm really not sure what was modified in the old ATINDRV.kext that was working before the Graphics Update (I was using the version posted by Finetuned in the thread in his signature -- ATiv5250_kexts.zip). So, does anyone even know where to start modifying to try to get this working? I found it interesting that in Tyrone Shoe's post here -- he says he has everything working 100% including sleep and an external monitor on his Lenovo T60p! I've tried PMing him and posting in that thread and have yet to receive a response. Tried asking around in irc.osx86.hu with no avail... --P2
  12. Post Leopard Graphics Update Kext Tweaking

    @hogfan I am also curious exactly what Tyrone did to get his system working and I'm planning on creating a guide for 10.5.2 once we hear back from him. @Tyrone Shoe I've read many of your other posts (as well as Finetuned and Mr Huan) and it seems we all have very similar if not identical T60p's. Tyrone, I would really like to hear back from you to see exactly what you did to get your FireGL v5250 working after installing 10.5.2 & the Graphics Update. I don't want to have to bug the guys in irc.osx86.hu too much more unless its necessary. I was having exactly the same issues as you, Kernel Panics when I made a change to the 10.5.2 (w/Graphics Update) ATIRadeonX1000.kext, and when I used the kexts from 10.5.1 all of my menu's would be black (except for the fade animation, you could barely see them). I just reinstalled my system to run 10.5.2 without the Graphics Update...so I hope this isn't some false hope you've given me My T60p Specs: Model 8741-W9G Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz 4MB Cache 2GB DDR2 667MHz RAM 160GB 5400RPM HDD ATi FireGL v5250 256MB GPU (0x210D571) EDIT (03/06/08): Currently Running Kalyway 10.5.1 -> Kaly Combo Update 10.5.2 + Vanilla 10.5.2 Kernel + Leopard Graphics Update (No QE/CI ) Links to some relevant threads: Righteye's X1700 Mobility Post
  13. pcwiz, How dare you give me hope! Well, there goes my night Thank you for the info, I forgot I never gave the 9.2.0 kernel a shot once I did get 10.5.2 running. Much appreciated, I'll post my results. -P2
  14. Wow, I wish I had as much success as you guys. I'm running Kalyway 10.5.1 on my IBM T60P and did not have so much luck with the Kalyway 10.5.2 update. I tried installing the update on my system and after rebooting it would never boot up again. It hung after the "BSD ROOT $DISK #{:content:}quot; line. If i remember correctly, it would never make it to the "Jettisoning kernel linker" message. So I tried checking which extensions were updated and replacing some with old packages. I couldn't get it to boot back up. My laptop's keyboard/mouse wouldn't work during single user sign on either, had to use an external USB keyboard. I reinstalled OS X completely back to Kalyway 10.5.1 -- tried the 10.5.2 combo update again and it worked...KINDA. I would have to wait about 2+ minutes additional to normal boot time for the system to boot up every time, it would sit there and wait after it launched the LoginWindow.app. Finally the monitor would sync and log in, but it was a bit rediculous. The boot time also seemed to increase as I tried getting my GPU working (ATi FireGL v5250 -- X1700 mobility). I got too sick of waiting and just went back to 10.5.1. Anyone know if there is a specific list of all improvements in 10.5.2, I noticed the new TimeMachine icon in the top right, but not much else... Hope others have better luck with the 10.5.2 update. I'll probably try again soon just because somewhere deep down I'm convinced I can get it to work by tooling with it. -P2
  15. vanilla kernel won't allow SLEEP?

    I'm curious about this as well. I'm running Kalyway 10.5.1 on my T60p 8741-CTO. Vanilla Kernel (uname -r = 9.0.0) EFIv8 AppleSMBIOS - from EFIv8 package AppleACPI Package from EFIv5 package QE/CI - works - hardware acceleration Audio - works Wifi (Atheros) - works Bluetooth - works Full Resolution - works The only thing I can't seem to get working is sleep. I get the same error as Dysan911 above. I'm curious, is it possible to run the Vanilla Kernel just for software upgrades and then run TOH the rest of the time for Sleep support? (I haven't tried TOH for sleep support yet. I'll do this and post back while at work tonight.) Also, is 10.5.2 out somewhere? When I do a software upgrade I installed new versions of iTunes, security update, etc but I've heard a lot of people talking about 10.5.2, but I can't find info anywhere saying whether its released or not. Thanks!