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  1. Nvidia 7900GS should it work?

    My xfx 7900gs pci-e x16 is very blurry in osx 10.4.8, with either titan or natit dual 0.2 installed an is hurting my eyes. My monitors works perftect in windows, I am using a dvi->vga adapter. My res is : 1280x1024@75hz, monitor reports correctly also, but it is really hurting my eyes, Tried changing the text rendering and is still not sharp. Anyone able to fix this or similiar problems? P. S., I changed the kernel for the card and no longer kernel panicks, but still is blurry. card has 256MB Ram
  2. Just installed the Jmicron patch, now it sees the whole drive!! Wont let me format the unused partition though, maybye try the newfs freebsd way instead? My 5.1 sound is grayed out in aggregator, only stereo is selected.
  3. I have the same mobo with a sata2 500GB segate hd, It made the first boot partition 128GB, Then i was able to to a second of 200GB, so it shows up as 2 disks in OSX 10.4.8. Theres still ~200GB or so missing and os x doesnt see it free in the disk utility, I see u have a 250GB Hd, any problems similiar? What would cause this to happen? Thanks.
  4. I have the same gigabyte mobo as above, with the marvel 8056 chipset and have tried all steps as above on 10.4.8 and even tried in 10.4.7 still grayed out. Reinstalled 10.4.8. What could be the problem? Could someone please post a link to the kext for 10.4.7 thx
  5. Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    I am trying to do this for the Intel PRO/1000GT devid is 107c vendor = 8086. 82541 chipset So I added 0x107c80856 to the AppleIntel8254XEthernet.kext, Info.plist file, no such luck still. Did all repair permissions steps as above and many reboots. Has anyone here gotten this to work?