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  1. OSX on HP Z600

    Cant seem to get more then 1 core working , as soon as I select more then 1 core from within the bios , i won't boot anymore (crash). Any input?? Regards
  2. OSX on HP Z600

    My setup at the moment - HP Z600 with latest and greatest Bios PCB rev AE (main board with Hexsupport) (i swapped the main board with no hex core support with this HW rev) - Dual Xeon X5670 2.93GHz - 48GB (8 * 8GB) - 2x 1TB 7200rpm Seagate HDD - NVidia Quadro FX1800 Ive been trying above mentioned options without any success , but what i did manage to figure out is why it always reboots. Im running into a kernel panic panic (CPU0 caller Kernel Trap at ............ type 13) com.apple.driver.AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement. Any suggestions gents ? Quick update i installed the following KEXT (NullCPUPowerManagement) with success now I'm able to boot till the language screen with only maxmem=4096. Looks promising Currently Lion is installing , I'm using the onboard Sata controller , add a few KEXT files , when I'm done with installing I'll write a detailed list of what I've added to install set. Runs smooth , the only thing I'm missing at the moment is a USB mouse , but a keyboard works fine as well. Regards
  3. OSX on HP Z600

    Hello Gents, Thanks for all the info regarding SL install on a Z600. Currently I'm struggling with the following , my Z600 has a maxed out memory config , 48 GB in total. I was reading in this thread that you need to lower the amount of memory to 2 times 2 GB (2 GB for each CPU). Since i only use 8GB stick i can't lower the amount of memory to 2 times 2 GB , do i fly need to lower the amount of memory (in other words not doing so won't allow me to install SL on my Z600. ? Any ideas ? My Z600 holds the following components. 2 times X5670. 48 GB memory ( 6 times 8GB) Nivia Quadro FX 1800. Thanks in advance.