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  1. lol

  2. Who has pre-order Leopard?

    I just ordered a mac mini for my parents as the computer they have now is terrible so I persuaded them to make the switch. This means I get leopard for just £5, I just hope they don't send out discs that only work on the type of mac you bought, would love leopard on my macbook =/
  3. New MacBooks with Leopard?

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Macbook's casing didnt change at all. The new leopard parts of apples site show the current macbook plastered all over running leopard, wouldn't they have used say, the iMac if they were planning on getting rid of the current macbook look any time soon? santa rosa is a near definite.
  4. Apple Announces Leopard!

    I just purchased a Mac Mini so it qualifies for the £5 leopard disc. The disc is only supposed to be used on the qualifying Mac but do you think it will be possible to update my Macbook with this disc aswell? Obviously it wouldn't be legal or whatever but would it work? I know the install discs that come with macs only work on the sort of mac they came with but surely the leopard upgrade disc would work on any mac and because os x doesn't use activation keys and what not surely it would be possible?
  5. Strange problem

    Looks like a google translator job
  6. Email app for iPod Touch

    I read on another board that the exact same apps can be installed on both touch and iphone so theoretically, mail as well as the other missing apps like notes etc. should be able to be installed. Hope its for real anyway, mail would be cool. In my opinion apple should have included mail etc. Im mean whats the point of internet and no mail etc. Why implement PDA like functionality and not go the whole way. Probably just to boost itunes sales from the wifi store im presuming. I think theres a good posibility that apple are to update with more apps in the future anyway, just look at all the empty space waiting to be used on the home screen. Edit: Just had a thought, im presuming that emails received on the iphone are synced back over when it is docked, since the touch is not meant to have emails, im presuming this wouldnt work.
  7. iPod Roundup

    You could always use an internet-based email app if you were desperate to read emails.
  8. iPod Roundup

    I cant wait to get the new ipod touch!! Im ordering the 8gb version at the end of the month, probably when it comes out on the 28th, looks awsome. I only have about 3gb's of music at the moment on my macbook so it should do me nicely! I also realised that for the same price as the ipod touch 8gb you could have an ipod classic with 10x the ammount of storage but I really want that touch screen. Im wondering though, is ipod touch running the same software as iphone? Is it really running a slimmed down version of os x and will apps be able to be created for it like they are for the iphone (im guessing not) or is it just running on whatever the old ipods are running on with a new interface? Id love to know what hardware went into it..
  9. New iPod

    Wow the new ipods look great, especially the new touch ipod. I have an event summary on my blog. Its at http://steveembleton.com if anyone is interested or wasn't watching the love updates.
  10. New iPod

    Im saving up for an LCD for my room but I'm afraid the force of the new iPod may be too strong, must restrain self. Im still using scratch infested 2GB nano 1st generation. Im def. gonna go for at-least an 8-gig when I have the money.
  11. Backing up Programs and Document

    Thanks for your tips. I think what I might do is just choose to upgrade and if I encounter problems then I will do a fresh install and figure out a way then. I read on another forum that just copying the applications over would work as long as you also copied all the data that was stored in the library folder but never-mind. Thanks again.
  12. Hey, when leopard is released, I plan on getting myself a copy and doing a fresh install, I did download the beta but I decided to wait until everything was smoothed out first. Im just wondering what is the best way to do a fresh install of the OS and keep ALL of my programs/software that I currently have installed on tiger. The problem is I dont have the install discs for some of my software like iLife 08 and Adobe Photoshop CS3 for example, so would it be possible to just literaly send my applications folder and my library folder via Wireless network to my windows pc and then copy them back over once I have installed the new OS or will I encouter problem after problem. Thanks alot.
  13. Setup bluetooth mouse

    Did it not come with something that told you what the preset passkey was? Its probably just something like 0000.
  14. New InsanelyMac Logo?

    Its a nice logo but not really relevant to osx86
  15. website design

    [][][][][][][][][] My first site in ages. Its a personal/blog but I could decide to change it into something else. I just want some opinions on the design of the site. The actual content is not finished at all and was written in seconds simply so I could see what it was going to look like.