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  1. I would say go for it. It'll be worth it if you can shave off a few degrees of heat. It's really easy but go slow. Don't use your strength to remove stuff. Its pretty easy to break stuff if you apply a bit extra force. I think you misunderstood me here. I said "You can't" in response to this: "You can't" read the fan rpm cause its in EC not in ACPI table. Not that you can't solve it. It is very much possible to solve it in a couple of days, just need those fan "state" values. Yes. RehabMan *followed* the work that was already developed in windows. Not saying RehabMan is not capable of it. We all know very well what he is capable of. Like i said "big community" helps get things develop faster. I did try to do it before but it needed too much time so i dropped it. It's been months since i logged on to my mac. Windows 10 needs too much attention now a days. And being my primary OS (work reasons), i can't say no to it. I always lurk in forums The problem is there are just too many of them
  2. Don't do it if you're not brave enough. You'll only make things worse. I repasted the thermal compound in my laptop the day i bought it. I knew 4700MQ was a power hungry beast and it produces too much heat and the stock thermal paste is a hilarious joke. I still do it every 5-6 months. I was also curious about the M2 SSD slot (most models don't have it, mine does). If you only want to clean the fans, use compressed air. That's the best you can do without tearing you laptop apart. You can't. The fan has nothing to do with BIOS. Is is controlled by EC (for which btw there's no documentation at all). You'll need some highly experienced EC programmer to achieve this. Even then its super tricky. Even reading the rpm is a headache. If you want to know more just do a quick google search. Afair some people did it for some Alienware models (reason: huge community, many experienced people). That's the reason why you can't control fans in Windows. The closest you're gonna get in Windows is using the Lenovo Energy Management Dust Removal function. Which is also hilarious as it runs the fan at full rpm for 8-9 secs then stops for 1 sec then runs the fan at full rpm again. During that 1 sec temp can easily rise upto 5*C. Not efficient at all xD
  3. No offence, but afair Rehabman too forked VoodooPS2 from someone else. He's not the original creator but maintainer. I agree with onejay15 in this case though. Imo, if the fix works, why not use it? It doesn't matter much if it's from different author since both are open source. People will usually follow what's written in the guide. They don't even know if there's an alternative unless it's mentioned in the guide or in a recent post. It's always better to have alternatives. Please don't take this the wrong way, following RehabMan is good, but don't do it blindly. @onejay15, Thanks for the heads up! I've been away from hackintosh scene for a while now. I think it should work on elan too. Will try.
  4. Great to see you successfully running macOS on first attempt (guessing) I honestly don't know why you can't boot using config.plist & SSDT's provided by ahmed_ais in OP. I have a bit of different setup, but both my & ahmed's files should work & boot fine afaik. Can you try again with EFI folder from OP? Don't mention it. If you followed the guide, no. That would require you to generate a "unique" of the following : 1. Serial number (valid one) 2. MLB (Logic Board Serial) 3. ROM 4. SmUUID You can find a no. of tutorials on these if you search a bit (google "imessage hackintosh). Note: Do not use "Find my mac" on hackintosh. You could be locked out of your mac if you do this. Why don't you find out and tell me? Yes. That shouldn't happen. Works all fine here. If the issue persists, try a clean install. If it still didn't work post your EFI folder & patchmatic extract. Post the output of: sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions && sudo kextcache -u / If everything's working as it should, you don't need to worry. You're doing fine. Also, i would suggest you to take a learning approach here. Try to learn why you have to use all the hacks. A starting point would be to look at config.plist and determine what each option does and if you need it. For ex, i don't use "KernelPm=true" in my personal config.plist because i disabled MSR lock in my modded BIOS. But for others it would cause a kernel panic. In short, you can be absolutely sure if everything's working correctly only if you know what you're doing & why you are doing it.
  5. This is gonna be pretty helpful ! Thanks !
  6. Look at the "hw.busfrequency" values. Bus freq should be 100MHz. Adding the following to config.plist solves it : <key>CPU</key> <dict> <key>QPI</key> <integer>100</integer> </dict> Same here. Also, I've been playing with EDID to see if it fixes anything regarding re-boot issue. I have tried changing almost everything in EDID from serial no's to display model etc but it didn't work.
  7. Yep. Seems to be a bug in AppleIntelInfo.kext. I cannot find the old version. Also, can you show me the output of : "sysctl hw | grep frequency" Great! Enjoy your hack.
  8. Logs don't lie. I don't use any *kext* tools, so i have no idea. Clearly it didn't install. That's because the guide mentions to install the kexts in S/L/E. Kexts should be either in Clover/kexts/other or S/L/E (or L/E). If FakeSMC is not found in S/L/E, clover injects them from kexts folder. A parameter in config.plist controls it (at the end of config.plist). Also, you still didn't confirm if it solved your problem.
  9. You don't have any kexts related to touchpad and keyboard (neither in EFI/Clover/Kexts nor S/L/E), that's why your keyboard isn't working. (Touchpad also includes keyboard) Remove FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext and install the following to S/L/E: 1. FakeSMC & its plugins 2. ApplePS2SmartTouchPad 3. ACPIKeyboard 4. USBInjectAll 2 & 3 are already mentioned in the table in OP. Please follow the guide carefully next time. Now you should have everything working. If there are any issues/not working issues post here.
  10. You have my config.plist and ahmed's SSDT-HACK. Either use my SSDT-HACK or ahmed's config.plist. For now, i have attached my SSDT-HACK.aml. Replace it with SSDT-HACK-VoodooPS2.aml in your ACPI/patched/ folder. Note: With my SSDT-HACK you need to use USBInjectall kext from here. Also, attach the output of : sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions && sudo kextcache -u / SSDT-HACK.aml.zip
  11. Yes. After installing macOS, boot into macOS using usb drive and install all the kexts mentioned in OP (in the table). Note: Use only 1 of the following kexts: 1. VoodooPS2Controller 2. ApplePS2SmartTouchpad Check if you have both of them under L/E or S/L/E by mistake. Yes. Like i said before, if you have ELAN touchpad use "SSDT-HACK-SmartTouchpad.aml" else use "SSDT-HACK-VoodooPS2.aml". No need to rename just copy and paste to ACPI/patched/. Ok.
  12. Sorry for not being here. Nobody gets notified if you constantly edit your posts. 1. Make sure you install all kexts as specified in OP. 2. Use the clover folder (Clover_FULL_EFI_10.10-10.12_SSDT-HACK) provided in OP. Leave config.plist as is. 3. If you have ELAN touchpad use "SSDT-HACK-SmartTouchpad.aml" else use "SSDT-HACK-VoodooPS2.aml". I will only say this once : Do not use "Clover Configurator". Reasons : It is known to remove some entries (Device/Arbitary section) in config.plist. If you want me to take a look. Post your EFI folder. There are no plist editors in windows that i know about. Do not use text editor to edit plist files. Give me some time. I'll check. Also, i might have the old version of that kext lying somewhere.
  13. Sorry for my behaviour yesterday. I had a bad day and i got carried away. Won't happen again. @beBoss and @bogdangepe, did you guys found a solution yet?
  14. Look at post #343. AFAIK, vendor/product id's are embedded into EDID itself. Not sure about the need of new injections. EDIT: In ioreg it is shown in hex. In config.plist as base64.