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  1. Stuck in uuid root is

    Hi I was wondering how can i fix? I have a Lenovo yoga 500 Intel i5 5200U Intel graphics 5500 Sandisk 240gb SSD
  2. Install Mac OS X on windows drive

    Anyone? bump
  3. Hi I was wondering is there anywhere to install Mac OS X 10.10 when I have windows 10 already in my SSD? Because i cant format a partition on disk utility even though the ssd have GPT partition table. On the side note, how can you get the batter percentage working with DSDT cos i tried the kext and it is not working? Also how can i get the graphic run smoother cos some time the screen run choppy. I was wondering is there a way to get the sound working on VoodooHDA? I hear there is a way to fix Screen brightness with DSDT. I have a Asus TP300LA i3-4030U Intel graphics 4400 (I think) 240gb Sandisk SSD 4gb ram
  4. clover bootloader

    Hi Im having some trouble booting clover. i remember i need to press a key to get it working but i forgot what key do i need to press.
  5. SSDT and DSDT help

    Here is the screenshot. I suspect my old DSDT is corrupted and i have attached a new DSDT with error fixed and it is 100% bootable. The new DSDT have some remark and warning fixed. DSDT.zip
  6. Hardwere not working on laptop

    Hi i have made the DSDT and fixed all the error and fixed some of the remarks and fixed some warnings, it's is bootable. The remarks that i fixed is the removal of "0x0D" The warning that i fixed is the Unknown reserve name and Reserved method must return a value (_PSR). The zip include both .aml and .dsl. DSDT.zip
  7. SSDT and DSDT help

    The dsdt is not working and I cant find a corresponding code to my system because my proper cpu code name is Westmere(laptop version) and not Nehalem (destop version). Are those codes for the south bridge on the motherboard or the cpu?
  8. Hardwere not working on laptop

    Well the kext didn't work, back to dsdt again :/
  9. SSDT and DSDT help

    No it still could boot :/. I was wondering, i did you use a ivy bridge patch cos my cpus is the first generation i5 so it will not work with third gen cpu patch. I think.
  10. Hardwere not working on laptop

    I tried to enable the battery in the DSDT but i just cant mod it correctly.
  11. SSDT and DSDT help

    I tied patching the dsdt but it is not working. I just don't know how to patch it properly. All i know is DSDT make the laptop function much better and SSDT is there to correct the cpu speed. It is a HP DV6-2155 Intel I5 540m Nvidia GT 230m 8 gb of ram Sound: IDT 92HD75B3 @ Intel Ibex Peak PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [111D-7603] Ethernet: Realtek RTL8168D/8111D PCI-E Gigabit [10EC-8168] Wireless: Broadcom 43224AG 802.11a/b/g/draft-n [14E4-4353] BTW, i added a another wifi card that i cant remember. It is as apple brand wifi card that i bought so it will work without problem After the booting, the DSDT.aml is not working. Why is making DSDT soo god dman hard and confussing.
  12. Need help booting Yosemite

    It worked in Clover with that.
  13. SSDT and DSDT help

    Hi The title says it all. I was wondering how can i apply my SSDT. I think it is fine but know if it is going to work. I have Intel I5 540M. I have a DSDT that said i have some error and are in the screen shot. I compile both SSDT and DSDT with MaciASL Also I was wondering if it is possible to fix the battery status icon since it couldn't detect the battery? I tried numberous kext like VoodooBattery and AppleSmartBatteryManager and they don't work anyone in Mac OS X 10.10 DSDT and SSDT.zip
  14. Hardwere not working on laptop

    voodoo battery don't work. The CPU is not in the right speed but all of the core is working. IM still looking for a webcam kext and i can't download the card reader kext. The webpage won't let me. I was wondering if i can use DSDT to fix some of the problems? I did compile a dsdt and i only have 3 error and they are all parseop related error. Should i worry?
  15. Need help booting Yosemite

    No I just use a normal kernel but I have use lapic fix to fix that.