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  1. Hi, I created a hackintosh with my PC (z87-hd3, 4670k) I used to have intel hd 4600 and it worked fine well, it did take some time to get the 4600 to work. Now I have a MSI GTX 760 in my computer and I have fired up mavericks (I still have 10.9) and everything is working fine and I have full resolution QE/CI and all. I use HWMonitor to make sure that the power management is working okay for the cpu and gpu. The CPU is in the 30-40 degrees range whilst I am browsing and the GPU die is at 48 degrees. I think the CPU is scaling down properly. The GPU is currently constantly at 48 degrees and at 1.00 GHZ CORE and 1.47GHZ memory. Is everything working right? On windows I have msi afterburner and can change lots of things but I let it natively choose the fan speed. I haven't been monitoring the temperature recently on windows but it used to be in the 30s at idle then go up to 40-50-60 highest 67 when under load. Is everything working okay? Also is there any other checks I need to do, to my hackintosh to make sure nothing is slowly killing any of my hardware as I might start to use it much more than I used to for video editing etc. My GPU shows as 3.39 GHZ and I would like to change that to 3.4Ghz. My ethernet, audio and USB are working. Thanks!
  2. HD 4600 Question

    Hi, I am on Mavericks DP8 and everything works fine. When I was installing my hackintosh around August, I was struggling to make my graphics work until I managed to do it with a DSDT method. Now it works I don't really want to change it as I have the transparent bar and everything is displayed as Intel Iris Pro 1024Mb. I was trying to see if I could play Minecraft on it but it lags really bad like 15 fps and on Windows I get atleast 60 Fps. I don't know whether its the intel hd 4600 or the CPU on the hackintosh or that mavericks is still in beta. Should I be expecting more? Is there a way I can check if my 4600 is running at full? I used pikeralpha when I was doing this, he got 37 fps on cinebench I got 30.59 FPS, does this mean my power states aren't normal? Thanks guys, If there is anything else I can provide please tell me.
  3. Hi I am trying to make my Intel HD 4600 Graphics work on my machine, I have tried many DSDT edits but they have not worked. When I extracted my DSDT it had errors which I had and it had no IGPU device so I added it with the dsm method but I removed the line DTGP because it had a error now I realise I needed to add the method ! But I think I added it in the wrong scope and much more. As my DSDT didn't have anything about GFX0 or IGPU in it, I'm assuming it it's in the SSDT so I want to do a SSDT edit, I have booted back into windows opened Aida64 to find I have seven SSDTs.. Which one do I use and add the method to? Then do I just put it in /Extra/SSDT.aml? Thanks guys My mobo is a Gigabyte z87-hd3 with a i5 4670k no dedicated GPU. edit: Did another edited dsdt with the dsm from the first post and now I black screen like others. Is this because its for display port and I'm hdmi? Do I need to change the aapl Id or edit appleintelftamebuffer.kext? Thanks again. I'm on dp4. Using intel hd 4600 with hdmi did want to use VGA but someone told me this patch doesn't work with it and only hdmi.
  4. Intel hd 4600 + Audio

    Hi I managed to install Mavericks onto my computer using the boot usb os x mavericks pkg. To Install I just had to use -v, After installation I still have the USB in and I go to the drive but it hangs on some bluetooth line, If I do -v -f -x it works. Now I am in, I have installed some applications and have been trying things for about 2 hours so it is stable, I have also updated from DP1 to DP4 and everything seems to work. What I want now is because I didn't use the post installation PKG how can I get it to boot without the USB? Can I just get the latest chameleon and install that to the drive? And I also need audio to work, My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z87-HD3 and the audio is alc892, How would I enable it? Also I have got full screen resolution using "Graphics Mode"="1920x1080x32@60" on boot but I think my GPU (intel hd 4600) is still not recognised, I have been researching and to enable it you need to edit the DSDT or inject platform id or something. I tried using DSDT Editor and I extracted my DSDT but when I compile it has one error and I can't seem to find the IGPU/GFX0 device on the side tree bit. If you can help me get my graphics to work I would be very grateful. Thanks guys! In short: I need a way to get ALC892 audio to work, A step by step guide to get the 4600 to work and what I need to boot without a USB. I also need to know how to get it to boot without safe mode, when it stops at the bluetooth line, also when I boot without safe mode I see this ** /dev/rdisk0s2 (NO WRITE) and with safe mode the NO WRITE disappears. What is causing my disk to be read only? EDIT: Fixed Audio and safe mode issue by removing all the graphics card kexts and now I can boot with just -v and Graphics Mode. Unfortunately the Graphics still do not work. I will also try and fix the chameleon by fixing windows bootloader with the repair disk then boot back into OS X and try and install chameleon.
  5. Hi I am trying to install mavericks on my haswell machine. It is a i5 4670k and a z87-hd3. I have a amd laptop with sl on a virtual machine. My hack doesn't work on it because there is a error. I followed every step in the guide for my usb ejected it and put it in my desktop I then had a check of my bios settings and chaned the boot order to USB first. Then I rebooted and there was a flashing white line for a few seconds then it booted into windows on the hdd. Can anyone tell me why the USB doesn't boot? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I can't get it to work, It's probably a simple mistake but I don't know. Here is what I did On my SL VirtualBox hackintosh on another machine, I formatted my 8GB usb as Mac os x extended journaled with GUID partition table. I didn't see where to make sure it has a HFS+ partition so I assumed it did. I then restored the OS X Base System to my USB. I think this changed it to Mac OS Extended. I then copied packages from OS X Install ESD to the USB. ***JUST REALISED I DIDNT DO THIS ONE, IS THAT THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM?*** Then I put mach_kernel from the attached files on the root of the usb. I then installed chameleon to the USB, the latest one build ending in 54. Then I made a folder in the root of the USB called Extra and put everything from the attachments that was suppost to go in there and I also put the Extra-Extensions stuff where it had to go. Then I took out my USB put it in the computer and did all of the bios options on my UEFI bios, Then I changed the boot order to the non UEFI USB then the hard drive and rebooted. All I saw was a flashing white line in the corner then windows booted. What have I done wrong? I think the USB isnt bootable, how do I check this? Can I force my system to boot to it so that it cant fall back on the HDD? My motherboard is a gigabyte z87-hd3. CPU: i5-4670k and I want to use the integrated graphics. Thanks guys.
  7. Hi, I have been wanting to install OS X on my laptop for a long time, It is old and I have made past topics about it not being able to get past Still waiting for root device. Well I managed to get kalyway 10.5.2 on a USB and install and it worked! Now I have Leopard 10.5.2 dual booted with Win 7. But I have a lot of problems: 1) Sometimes OS X doesn't boot and requires a restart (hold button) as it says calibation yes it says it mispelt error. And sometimes it just goes to a black screen and yeah. And I have to boot with idlehalt=0 to get past IOAPIC Vectors something and -v and I put rd=disk0s2 then maybe on 3rd try it boots. 2) As soon as OS X the actual GUI loads, The screen dims. 3) The screen is all fuzzy I think it's because of my GPU not working where can I get a kext? Specs below. 4) None of my network works, Only lists firewire. 5) Could I update to snow leopard or Lion or mountain Lion or is my laptop too bad do you think 6) My partition is only 10GB could I somehow make it 30GB? I have enough on my HDD what would be the most simplest way to do this? Last time I tried to enlarge a partition I had to format my whole HDD.. Here are the specs: AMD Turion64 x2 Processor dual core 1.9ghz I can set FSB it to 2.4ghz but then it runs too hot, If that really would help osx I will get a fan. 2GB RAM, Can upgrade to 4GB ATI Radeon X1250 graphics card with 128mb built in memory and about 500mb shared video memory. Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet this is what I want to use to connect to internet. Broadcom Wireless, Don't need to worry about wireless, I use Ethernet. Sound, I haven't tested yet. So basically I have just got past the install haven't done any post install things like kexts or anything as I thought I would have been able to update. I have Hazard 10.6.2 on my USB now and I tried to get to the install screen with that but it just goes to a black screen and I can type on it (just after the text goes past). So if you can tell me what I need to do now and what I generally need to do as I know you have to do a lot of things with hackintoshes to make sure they are completely ok. Maybe there was something I missed out.. Thanks! If you need any more info, Please ask! And can you recommend me any other distros to try? (Put on my USB?)
  8. What should I do now?

    Hello, I have been for a very long time been trying to install Mac OS X on my laptop which is a HP Compaq 6715b with a AMD Turion64 x2 (dual core) processor running at 2ghz with 2GB of RAM (could upgrade to 4GB) and on windows it says 1.8GB usable because some of it is shared with my GPU. My GPU is a Radeon X1250 with 128mb graphics and 768mb shared system memory it says. Here's my story: I made a DVD with iATKOS Lion. When I tried to boot from this I think I had a black screen, Can't really remember as it was a few months ago now but I'm sure it didn't work. I then made a DVD of Hazard 10.6.2 which I could boot into but got a IOAPIC Vectors (something) version 0x23. Then I used idlehalt=0 and I got to Still waiting for root device. Thinking it didn't work I got a iPC Leopard disc and that also went to Still waiting for root device. I researched and researched and it was saying about my optical not being detected. As I was on a lapotp I could not do anything with jumpers and my BIOS being a HP laptop had no options to do with AHCI. I have installed Snow Leopard in a Virtual Machine on virtualbox but it only has 1gb of RAM and I couldn't get my resoloution to work and I would rather have it installed on my PC. I got a 8GB USB and restored the ISO of snow leopard to it with my virtual MAC and I tried to boot from it and there was just a grey line. I have submitted other threads in the past and they say that I could use a nawcom mod cd and retail snow leopard. How would I do that? With my USB? I could make a nawcom mod usb and a retail snow leopard usb? As I can get any big ISO with my fibre optic connection. Thanks InsanleyMac. P.S If you need any more info about my laptop please ask, And if you knew a way to get lion or mountain lion that would be amazing. Even if you know that leopard will work for me please say how. I also saw on youtube someone had leopard on a Compaq 6710b which I elieve is a different model similar to mine. I also think my DVD and HDD are either IDE or ATA and that I could get a kext for nawcom mod cd. Could someone tell me how to put nawcom on a usb?
  9. Hazard SL Still waiting for root device

    My CPU is an AMD Turion x64x2 Mobile, So it is AMD. My disc has an Hazard 10.6.2 on it I think or 10.6.x something. It has aliens as background.
  10. Hazard SL Still waiting for root device

    so do I have to do the windows part to enable AHCI on my whole PC? There is no option in BIOS remember.
  11. Hazard SL Still waiting for root device

    I already have an iATKOS Lion Disc, And that doesn't even work If I try and boot from that it goes to deadbeef or something. Do I need a boot loader with that?
  12. Hazard SL Still waiting for root device

    The BIOS DOES NOT have any option whatsoever to do with AHCI. I have checked and checked. But the HP website says that it should have an option for native sata mode if you have XP on it and I have 7. What I said is should I try and enable the AHCI DRIVER on windows 7? Thanks.
  13. HI, I have a HP Compaq Laptop and am trying to install Hazard Snow Leopard 10.6.3 from a Hazard disc, It is a DVD-R. I am not using a boot loader because when i press f8 I can still do boot flags, I have tried many but I always get to Still waiting for root device. There is no option in my BIOS for CD or HDD options.. I am running Windows 7. Should I try and enable AHCI on that? I could try using a boot loader.. IDK Thanks! Specs: AMD Turion x64 dual core 1.9Ghz (I can overclock to about 2.2ghz) but cooling... Says Designed for Windows XP but I have 7 on it now and works very good 2GB RAM, Upgrade able I might geet 2x2gb to get 4gb of ram. Says 1.87GB usable AMD Radeon X1200 series with 128mb VRAM Shares 130mb or something with my main RAM to get a little bit more. HP Motherboard As again it's a laptop so I can't really do anything hardware based. I have seen that people have managed to install Leopard on my laptop model so if Snow is going too far could someone recommend me a Leopard distro?
  14. Hazard SL won't boot

    Link to a decent one? I will follow it exactly. Also I would rather not burn another 2 discs is there a way to get past still waiting for root device, I haven't even installed it yet so it cant be my hdd problem. my laptops cd drive is IDE. Thanks again.
  15. Hazard SL won't boot

    Hi it hasnt worked.. I get still waiting for root device.. And also when it gets to the last usbf bit the disc stops spinning. Should I try retail and Nawcoms Mod CD? Also is there a tutorial for doing retail with Nawcoms for AMD machines? Thanks