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  1. I upgraded to 0.2.2 and I still cannot play files off an AFP mount...
  2. Thanks - this really helped. I have now been able to unmount the share points I do not want. My new problem is getting it to mount the external drive... I entered the command below, but get an error at the end. mount_afp -i afp://Eric-Shaheens-Core-2-Duo-iMac.local:/Volumes/mylife /Users/frontrow/Movies/iMac/ mount_afp: AFPMountURL returned error -5019, errno is 2 Any ideas where I am going wrong? Update... If I enter: mount_afp afp://username:password@ip/iMac/ ~frontrow/Movies/iMac It mounts my iMacs internal hard drive without problems However, If I enter: mount_afp afp://username:password@ip/Volumes/media ~frontrow/Movies/iMac I get the following message: mount_afp: AFPMountURL returned error -5019, errno is 2 Any help is really appreciated! SUCCESS! I got it working with the following command: mount_afp afp://username:password@iMac.local/mylife ~frontrow/Movies/iMac However, I have another issue... Any video file I choose from my external drive gives me the "No content found" screen on the AppleTV. If I copy the same files over to the AppleTV they work just fine. It shows the file sizes correctly on the ATV, but it shows all videos to be 0:00 in length. Any ideas on this issue?
  3. I need some help here... I setup my AppleTV to show the contents of my iMac's hard drive when I go into the "Files" section. Instead I would like for it to access a firewire drive that is connected to my iMac that contains several video files. I cannot figure out how to remove the link to the iMac drive and have it connect to something else. It is also not showing me the video files that are on the AppleTV inside the Movies folder since I did this.