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  1. Anybody having issues with freezing, try follow ^ advice, I am going to try myself tomorrow and see if the EFI string helps me on my non-HD...
  2. Hiya, I can report that I have the same irritating issue with my L502x, 6GB ram (4GB + 2GB), A06 BIOS, using kexts from here + ssdt's, and wen1's DSDT, screen size 1366x768. It *ALWAYS* freezes every time I try to open finder for approx 40 seconds, and now and then just randomly. EDIT: sometimes it freezes completely and I need to power off my laptop, then start it up again. really f**king pain in the ass, especially when you're trying to install something... >_> When I don't have the Intel HD 3000 (IntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext) installed, the screen doesn't freeze at all, and everything runs smoothly - although, things like launchpad which need a proper gfx driver installed don't work, and flicker... Anybody have a fix for the constant freezing?
  3. Hiya DoiX, thanks for your help with rBoot LE + iATKOS L2. I have a small problem - whenever I run your OS X Lion installer, I get a kernel panic after I reboot, and I end up having to install OS X again. Is there anything I have to do after running your installer? I've tried using kext utility after using the installer, but still no-dice. Also, what boot-loader do you recommend for a L502X laptop that's triple-booting/dual-booting? Thanks for the help in advance...
  4. I don't actually get a black screen - it just freezes with the text there, and nothing happens. Okay, I'll try your advice, and I shall post back soon. EDIT: Okay, that {censored}ed it up COMPLETELY. Now I have a "System uptime in nanoseconds: xxxxxx" message. smbios.plist screwed it over.
  5. I don't have any discs to use rBoot with, and as far as I know, I can't use USB's to launch rBoot, any ideas? It would be awesome if I could copy the files to a USB stick. I'm going to try : /sbin/mount -uw mkdir ~/bkupgfx cd /System/Library/Extensions mv -R NVD*.kext ~/bkupgfx EDIT: I added -s flag... and once it asks for my input, the keyboard doesn't f**king work. Is iATKOS L2 really f**ked up, or is it just because I am not using rBoot LE? dayum, pain in the @$$
  6. Hiya, I used i A T K O S L2 to install OS X. I have two problems: 1) The bootloader that iATKOS installed doesn't work, it gives me an "boot0:error" message when I try boot my laptop, so I am forced to use my iATKOS/Chimera USB to start up my XPS 2) When I attempt to launch into Mac OS X (via USB, because bootloader is fcked), when I use the flags "-v GraphicsEnabler=No busratio=20", I get something like this (not this exactly...) at the end of the verbose log, and my PC does absolutely nothing afterwards: NVD***???100HAL has been loaded and registered successfully. < that's a kext, I guess ntfs-3g: Blablabla, rewrite access error on disks5blabla, mount using windows only notreallysureabouttheending ntfs-3g:Blablabla, rewrite access error on disks2blabla, mount using windows only notreallysureabouttheending Help out, please? I'm guessing I have to remove some extra kexts that iATKOS L2 installed by default or something...
  7. You trying to make me get a Lion disc and install Lion instead? -___________________- Fine, I'll do it.
  8. i7Hackintosh

    [How To] Solutions for Wireless Problems

    ZyXeL NWD-270N works fine too on my hackintosh, you can download the drivers from the internet. Works fine. However, you get a kernel panic if you don't try and click the very left tab on the program as soon as it starts, don't know why.
  9. I tried to do that, and I ended up {censored} up my entire hard drive. :3 Make a HDD with a backup of all your important {censored} first, then it should be reasonably easy... lol
  10. I'm assuming you are trying to install via USB. Make sure you are using a USB STICK, and not an external HDD, and make sure that you have the USB 3.0 kext modified in your installer. PS: I am still waiting for the IntelHD3000 graphics kext... Anyone going to make a small mini-tutorial just for me? (it would be greatly appreciated)
  11. Guys, can anybody give me a link to the kext for Intel HD 3000 graphics on it's own? I have the 1366x768 version of the display on my XPS, and I would really appreciate it. At the moment, I am stuck with 1024x768 graphics because no matter how many times I try to get native resolution, it fails. Are there any kexts I need to remove before installing the IntelHD3000 graphics?
  12. I used a bunch of tools to try recover files - they all told me that the file system is damaged. (f@ck.) I am going to try acronis, and see if it will be able to recover the file system altogether and not just some files. (thanks for the suggestion) EaseUS partition manager, then used the installer to format that partition to HFS. And yeah, I did screw something really important up. NTFS partition is screwed over at the moment, lmao. So; I gathered that my NTFS partition got corrupted by the macintosh 10.6 installer. yay for apple. EDIT: Can't use acronis, requires Windows. I can't even install windows, the messed up partition somehow renders my WHOLE HDD useless to the installer, and it doesn't show any partitions at all. I need to find a way to fix the partition from Mac OS X itself, or at least recover some photos then reformat that partition.
  13. Yeah, somebody locked it, I think they got offended by my anti-censoring of swears... hehe. Well, it turns out somehow the f**king id1otic Mac OS X installer corruped my other NTFS partition when I was installing. How the hell it did this, I don't know, but... Yeah, it did it. I am currently using "EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard" from my Hackintosh install to get my family pictures and stuff like that back. I really am pissed off that the stupid Macintosh installer somehow managed to destroy my Windows partition, because now I ain't going to have genuine Windows after I re-install. *COUGH* Nice one, apple. Don't know what the point of me typing more is, but hey, I guess if I kept you interested enough to read until here, I did quite a good job. Okay, I'm just going to let EaseUS finish running for now. I'll post more about my system later. PS: My graphics on my Hackintosh install seem a bit low-def. It covers the whole screen, but it has that "not-HD" sorta feel to it. Does this mean I haven't installed the kext's properly, or are all your hackintosh installs like that?
  14. I followed the tut @ http://www.insanelym...howtopic=257950 I installed Chameleon boot loader as instructed - doesn't even let me boot Mac OS X from it, I need to use the iB0oo0t disc anyway. Now, when I boot from the disc(iB) it doesn't even show my USB's. Which is a bit scary, since I can't boot back into OS X installer. Also, when I try boot Win8Dev installer disc, it goes straight to Chameleon. So, firstly, how the hell do I get rid of Chameleon? I am sure if I do that, I will have better luck fixing the problem myself... Edit: I got into win8 boot cd Followed How to restore WINDOWS BOOTLOADER on a PC 1~Reconfigure your BIOS to boot from the DVD first and then the Win7 drive 2~Boot the machine from the Win7 DVD 3~After the language select screen, choose "Repair your computer" from the lower left 4~The system will not find any installations. This is okay, click the top radio button and hit Next 5~You'll see a list of "System Recovery Options". Open up the Command Prompt 6~Try typing the following commands in order: "bootrec /fixmbr", "bootrec /fixboot", "bootrec /rebuildbcd". If these complete successfully, go ahead and skip the next step. However, if any of these steps reports "Element cannot be found" you need to reconfigure the disk configuration. 7~You're going to use DISKPART to make the Win7 partition active. You can type "HELP" for a list of commands or check out Microsoft's help page. Basically you select the drive first ("LIST DRIVES" and then "SELECT DRIVE [number]") and then the partition ("LIST PARTITION" and then "SELECT PARTITION [number]") where Win7 is installed. Then type "ACTIVE" to make the selected partition active. Once this is finished, repeat the previous step. 8~With the bootloader now created, we need to let Win7 configure it. Restart and boot from the DVD again, and choose the same repair option as before. Now you should see your Win7 installation listed. Allow the installer to repair the system. ~You may have to repeat this step once or twice, but eventually the bootloader will be fixed and your machine will work again! Okay, so I did that. When I get to "select partition 4", I get: Virtual Disk Service error: This operation is not allowed on an invalid disk. The disk may be invalid because it is corrupted or failing, or it may be invalid because it is OFFLINE. Okay, so I know windows is still there, I can see the partition. I can't access it from Mac OS X, though... But that's not my point. I want to be able to boot back into Windows - I don't really care about my hackintosh install right now. HELP! please. Okay: DISKPART Diskpart version 6.2.8102 list disk Disk 0 ---- Status=Invalid Size=596GB free=0B dyn=* GPT =blank select disk 0 Disk 0 is now the selected disk. list partition Partition 1 = primary = 101 MB offset = 31KB Partition 2 = primary = 14GB offset = 101mb(macosx volume) partition 3 = dynamic data = 6172KB offset = 14 GB Partition 4 = Dynamic Data = Size 519Gb offset = 14 GB (windows yaay) "bootrec /fixboot" gives error bootrec /rebuildbcd" finds no windows installs It doesn't let me turn the partition active. (because of the invalid status)
  15. People, please. Help me get back into Windows/recover my files. I know that my stuff is still there, because it complains about bootmgr - it hasn't been formatted. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=279474