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  1. Acer E1 571 internal mic

    Lilu + ALCInject resolved my problem https://github.com/vit9696 This is cool stuff! Thanks!
  2. Acer E1 571 internal mic

    Here they are, i tried to upload them separately but I was unable to upload DSDT.aml so I packed all in one zip archive. Thank You for Your quick response. My Files.zip
  3. Hi , can you please help me to fix internal Mic on Acer E1-571, I've managed to install almost perfect HackBook for my wife, we all using Hackintoshes at home:) Everything works perfect considering it's a laptop, battery meter, screen brightness, got compatible wi fi module, lan works too, sound work excellent only internal mic not working, i can see it in input devices but it does not work. I tried to understand all manual applehda patching procedure, but it is way too complex for me, i am willing to learn but i have little time spending on my computer. Here are my files https://www.sendspace.com/file/7inx90 Thank You verry much!
  4. ASUS P5QD Turbo Lion 10.7.2

    It looks like DSDT needs to be patched for Quad Core CPU...mine is for DualCore only...try this http://www.insanelym...howtopic=223205 I used DSDT AutoPatcher, I used it to generate mine http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=2150. Good Luck!
  5. My Configuration : Motherboard : ASUS P5QD Turbo CPU : Intel Core2 Duo E6550 RAM : 4GB Kingston DDR2 667 VGA : XFX Nvidia Geforce 8600GT XXX edition Install method MyHack - fallow guide on this site http://myhack.sojugarden.com/guide/ for Extra folder use custom extensions and DSDT from attached extra folder I also attached my smbios.plist and org.chameleon.Boot.plist (I removed EFI string for my graphic and set GraphicEnabler to y(yes) You may change it depending of your VGA) as for the smbios.plist use as an example if You want to change something in Your own (i changed bus speed to 333 becose I have Core2Duo E6550 and it's FSB is 1333 - 333 quad pumped) but it is only cosmetic stuff. BIOS settings: Hard drive configuration to ACHI Onboard devices: Turn Off serial port and JMICRON Controler (I don't use PATA drives so i turned it off, in earlier version of OSX JMICRON controller driver prevented my OS to see all of 4 GB RAM AI Tweaker : I always set it to STANDARD, and manually set my RAM speed (in my case DDR2-667) and FSB to 333 ONLY because I don't like this ASUS auto overclocking feature For CPU : Everything default, enabled SpeedStep, Multiplayer Auto, Intel C States ENABLED, NX-bit ENABLED for Power : Suspend S3 ONLY and ACPI 2.0 ON I disabled Expres Gate and not using Drive Xpert. As for the BIOS I my attach screenshots if there's gonna be need for that bait I think info above is enough, if not You ask I'll attach it:) What You get with these kexts 1. Lastest version of FakeSMC I found 3.1 2. AttansicL1 kext for onboard LAN 3. ACPI monitor, InteCPUmonitor,IntelThermal and SuperIO Family for monitoring CPU temperature, P and C states , voltages,etc. if you have troubleshooting You may try without these four kexts, those are not necessary for system to work properly 4. VoodoooHDA needs to be put in (Your Lion Drive)\System\Library\Extensions - NOT in Extra folder because it won't load - put it after you update Lion because You first need to remove AppleHDA kext from the same folder to prevent kernel panic (I have run this crackle fix included in VoodooHDA folder although You might not need to I have not experienced sound cracking issues) 5. After installation is finished update to the latest version on Chameleon, choose upgrade not fresh install of Chameleon to keep existing kexts, only update chameleon,nothing else, I posted my org.chameleon.Boot.plist, You may use it, matter stuff in it are C and P states auto enable lines witch enabling chameleon auto detection of CPU speedsteping and C states, or You can choose these options while You installing new version of Chameleon i posted. 6. I added this my fix utility from MyHack site , run it every time You add new next, in Your case You will use it after adding VoodooHDA in System\Library\Extensions folder in your Lion toot drive. 7. Patched DSDT What's the results: Fully working system, by that I mean ShutDown/Restart/Sleep, system wakes up by pressing SPACE BAR on keyboard, speedsteping works, audio works (green, orange, black and gray outputs) and two microphone inputs - front and rear, my VGA works with EFI strings, I am not sure how adding nvenablers or ati injectors affects system, i prefer graphic enabler in chameleon or EFI strings. At least I hope any of these thing will be useful to You. Good Luck with Your Installation. P.S. I have not included in my installation AppleHDADisabler kext, You Will need it before You update to 10.7.3 because it will restore AppleHDA.kext and it will cause KP combined with VoodooHDA and VERY IMPORTANT do the step form "If computer not waking up from sleep.rtf" from "Some stuff You My need" folder and run Myfix before You use sleep function for the first time only, it needs to patch AppleRTC... Post results, questions please, I am not an expert but if I can I will help. 7. 12.2011. Added new DSDT and new Ethernet driver, now showing Intel Hight Definition Audio in System Report, new smbios.plist - more suitable for LGA775 based motherboards, and did this to make iCloud and App Store work: http://www.salciampa...ot-be-verified/ basicly I downloaded EFI studio and generate EFI String for VGA and for ethernet... Don't forget to run myfix afterYou change any kexts... And there is a latest version of Chameleon too... Google for Chameleon wizzard - nice tool Cheers! Chameleon.zip Goodies.zip