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  1. No problem, the boot flags you are using depend on the hardware specs and your system configurations but in general:


    1. dart=0 disables intel virtual technology if you have it disabled in BIOS/UEFI you can remove that from config.plist

    2. -no_compat_check is usually used when you need to instal macOS on an unsupported hardware like installing Mojave on Core 2 Duo systems

    3. Shiki automatically chooses the optimal configuration for your GPU

    4. -v boots macOS in Verbose log mode so if macOS doesn't start or system reboots during the boot process you can troubleshoot the issue by checking the boot process

    5. debug=0x100- this prevents a reboot on a kernel panic and keepsyms=1 tells the OS to also print the symbols on a kernel panic for further analysis

    6. -disablegfxfirmware I'm not sure what that does exactly but as far as I know it's related to iGFX Framebuffer

    7. kext-dev-mode=1 is deprecated and you can remove it

    8. uia_exclude=HS04;HS07;HS08;HS10;HS11;HS12;SS03;SS04;SS06;SS07;SS08;SS09;SS10 is for USB port limits which excludes unused USB ports.


    So based on your config and system you can decide which of those flags are needed and which ones you can remove.

  2. 13 minutes ago, EdoardoConti said:


    I'm running a rx460 on my Hackintosh and I recently purchased a new gpu, the sapphire rx580 4gb (used).
    Months ago I had several problems with my graphics card, so I tweaked the settings on my config.plist and maybe other files. 

    I just need to swap the two GPUs? I'll attach my clover folder (removed sub-directories unnecessary), can someone check the configuration please? 


    Just update clover, Lilu and whatevergreen kexts and you don't need to do anything special for the GPU swap those GPUs are both supported and WEG will take care of the rest.

  3. 1 minute ago, v7kF4U2HTd said:

    yeah okay you meant the fakeCPUID.

    well nice, so it looks like not having ART support in the kernel doesn't cause problems with cpus which have it. in other words the way i did it so far should work for skylake and later as well.

    thanks for the replies!

    You're welcome I hope this helps ;)


  4. 3 hours ago, v7kF4U2HTd said:

    oh i see so you didn't even have to touch the kernel at all. and just to be sure, what exactly do you mean by "Kext Patches from a supported CPU"?

     No I didn't have to change the kernel at all just take a look at this post:

    and in this picture you can see if you use the config.plist file from your EFI folder you can use a fakeCPUID for your processor which must be supported by Mavericks like an IvyBridge CPU 0x0306A0 so the when you boot the system with clover the Mac OS X's installer thinks it is running on an older rig and therefore the processor is supported.

    Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 1.53.36 AM.png

  5. 5 hours ago, v7kF4U2HTd said:

    hi guys,


    i wanted to post that in the development section but couldn't pick it on the list. anyway, this is about using skylake and later with osx versions which officially don't support them. like 10.9 for example.


    i'm not very happy with the more recent osx versions so i use the older ones for a little longer. for example right now i'm writing this with 10.6.8 on a haswell. so far to do this i made some edits to the kernel's cpuid.c and tsc.c and basically hardcoded them to the latest supported cpu model.

    this time i was looking into a skylake or better and did the mentioned kernel edits as usual. however, in the 10.12 kernel's tsc.c i spottet something new: in tsc_init() there's special part for skylake and later because of their "Always Running Timer". so i wondered, can i use that part for older kernels or maybe i get away with it if i don't have it?

    i'd just try it out but buying the new box just to see that it doesn't work is not exactly great :P


    so if anybody has experience with this or any insight otherwise, would be most welcome ^_^

    Hi @v7kF4U2HTd

    I was able to install Mac OS X Yosemite on my Skylake few years back by using FakeCPUID under the Kernel and Kext Patches from a supported CPU and it worked but I didn't install Mavericks so I guess you can give that a try and see if that works out or not.





  6. 22 hours ago, luky35 said:

    "I've installed Catalina B6 and now the graphics doesn't work. I have Intel Graphic 530 and entered 0x19160000 into config ig-platform-id. PC doesn't boot but it halts at Apple Logo. When I enter FakeID:12345678 system boots but I get this graphics 7 MB (photo). Please help."

    Try booting without InjectIntel=True and with No ig-platform-id.

  7. 1 hour ago, STLVNUB said:

    Any of you guys running Mojave and Catalina getting the iCloud password popup going from one OS to the other?

    Most annoying. I think it does this no matter what 2 or more OS you use.


    I suppose Apple just expects you to run one Mac OS and that's usually the latest.

    Yeah I recently had to reinstall Mojave but before doing that I needed to update the SMBIOS info now I get the iCloud password pop up on my MacBook Air and Mac mini.



    I didn't change the Serial Number and the Board Serial Number though, just BIOS Version and BIOS release date.

  8. 20 minutes ago, Iwanche said:

    I put my EFI folder with config to attach, so you can see my settings.

    I have a problem with a green screen. When I run some app, a green screen pops up before entering the app and in the apps half my screen works, on second half my mouse won't click.

    This is show in about my Mac: AMD Radeon HD 7970X/8970/R9 280X 3 GB

    But something won't work, something wrong.

    Maybe some kext to patch ATI, anyone who know to do this?

    Framebuffer is Hamachi.


    Try this use a USB disk for the tests don't replace the current EFI folder yet.



  9. 12 hours ago, vector sigma said:

    thanks guys! @Cyberdevs in yours I've found something different, so I'm not sure if in Terminal the message was like 'ESP not found', anyway thanks to your log I'm pretty sure will be able in the next version.... version where the log will show me the result :-)

    I tested the app once more and there is no message like you said "ESP not found". here is the new output and the Terminal's screenshot:


    Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 9.58.55 AM.png


  10. 3 minutes ago, vector sigma said:

    thanks guys! @Cyberdevs in yours I've found something different, so I'm not sure if in Terminal the message was like 'ESP not found', anyway thanks to your log I'm pretty sure will be able in the next version.... version where the log will show me the result :-)

    Sure thing man, I will check again and create another log when I get back home and see if it differs from the first log and if it was different I will let you know.



  11. 59 minutes ago, dimdimnite said:

    @Cyberdevs I have a USB port 2.0 and the other are 3.0 and I try with the file kext and it does not work

    Using the kext alone isn't enough you need to use the USB port limit patches too.

    Do you have access to a Mac computer or another working hack?

  12. 11 hours ago, dimdimnite said:

    hi everyone, trying to install mac os 10.13 on my laptop there is a problem with the boot first is the apple logo and after there is a forbidden sign symbol and I'm totally blocking and my computer mobile is a dell precision m6500 I hope to have help soon and thank you in advance

    Hi @dimdimnite

    Welcome to InsanelyMac.com :)


    Boot your laptop with -v flag and you can see the reason why macOS won't start and you get the forbidden sign.

  13. 4 hours ago, newapple4g said:

    I had installed Mojave using Rehabman's Laptop guide with UHD630 config file. But now I can't boot Mojave. I tried many variations of config.plist files but nothing works it gets black screen or show error like in attached image file. Also I tried some already build configs, from laptops similar to mine except CPU and AUDIO. But they also don't work. The main difficulty is that my CPU is whiskey lake i7-8565U. I tried to find builds with that build to use correct spoofing configurations but I can't get correct configurations. Somehow I get booted first startup by playing in settings but now I can't boot using the same configuration. I even get full QE/CI but after second boot it gone. Now I just cant boot vanilla Mojave after installation. I have other hackintosh build so I can get it worked if I just need some macOS device.


     This is my CLOVER Setup with dumped ACPI and minimal kexts from guide - CLOVER-INST.zip

    Configurations that I tried:



    Also I tried VirtualSMC instead of FakeSMC, modified Rehabman's plist, used plist from sources mentioned above without DSDT files, but nothing works. I just wonder how I booted it once. Also I think it can be by ASUS BIOS update (no way to downgrade, but I am not sure if it is the cause),  because I hadn't noticed ACPI errors before it.


    P.S. Sorry for my bad English

    Please read our Rules on why we don't support TonyMac's methods.

  14. 6 hours ago, ricoc90 said:

    I've tested different keyboards and all of them result in the exact same DriverKit crash when capslock is pressed. 
    I've tested the exact same keyboards on my mac mini and there this issue doesn't occur.

    Apple is forcing us to use real macs :shock::D

    I'm using Apple's USB keyboards and I have no issues using the Caps Lock (See? LOL) I guess as you said Apple's focus is to make us use real Macs BUT bit by bit, first we use Apple's peripherals and then the displays and so on and so forth until we completely switched to using real Macs :D