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  1. 1 minute ago, JennyDavid said:

    At times, while an app is running, if you try to "FORCE Quit" the app, the icon file/script may get damaged/corrupted. 

    The icon file is there in Mojave DP5. Nothing has changed so far. The app is working perfectly fine.

    Thanks a lot for confirming the app's functionality :)

    I was just wondering what could be the cause for @yabab235's crash report and weird error message.

  2. @JennyDavid

    That's one way to solve it. :)

    But the my question is why it's not there at the first place?



    Which macOS version are you using?

    Because the KEXT.icns is the part of the macOS CoreTypes.bundle and it is in the same path on Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave DP4 (as far as I checked)

    I'm installing Mojave DP5 to make sure the files is there as well.

  3. Thanks for testing the app and giving me your precious feedbacks, I really appreciate it :yes:


    I guess I can add that feature to quit all apps before restarting, the reason that I didn't add it already is the app will force the system to restart once the "Restart" button is selected.

    But I'm always open to new suggestions (as long as I can make them work :D )

    I will add the feature and let you know.


    38 minutes ago, JennyDavid said:

    The v1.0.4d works fine for me in High Sierra 10.13.6 & Mojave beta 3 (PB). :thumbsup_anim:

    A small suggestion, I'd prefer for all my opened apps to be closed/quit automatically before the restart (including the app) just to ensure that I have a clean reboot.


    24 minutes ago, Matgen84 said:

    The v1.0.4d works fine in Mojave Beta 4 DP (Dark mode) :)

    If I understand well, the app finishes its tasks on the black screen with pointer. Which could explain that it does not close automatically.

    The new version shouldn't be hanging on the black screen, it should simply close and reboot the system although I have to say the reboot process might take a bit longer once the app is done its tasks.

  4. 6 hours ago, Allan said:

    Hi @Cyberdevs.

    I tested your app in my HS 10.13.6. But it stuck, and consume a lot of processing and RAM.
    I need to force finishing. :cry:

    Hi @Allan,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The app performs several tasks which takes time and slows down the system a little bit and that's normal.

    If you wait until the app is done doing what it needs to you'll be prompted to restart the system.

    I changed the app from being an Automator Application to a normal app and I'm still working on adding the progress bar so it show's that it still doing something but it's gonna take more time for me to fix the progress bar but in the meanwhile I changed it back to an Automator Application so you can tell that it's running.

    Please run the v. 1.0.4d and see if it works