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  1. Yes I was aware of that bootstrap could cause some issues on some boards but not the current issue that you are facing and I suggest using the BootIceX for managing the UEFI boot settings it's a very easy to use and a handy tool.

    You can see more info about it here, the principle is almost the same with OC:

    Under the UEFI tab you can edit boot entries and I guess all you need to do is to change the \efi\oc\bootstrap\bootstrap.efi with \efi\boot\bootx64.efi

  2. 5 minutes ago, markl18 said:

    I don't know what ever the picture says I think I tries to mount something and than expand the dmg file into it but doesn't succeed in mounting

    If you want to boot the installer you need to remove these boot-args:





  3. 1 minute ago, Alex HQuest said:

    I cleaned my build tools and fetched 100% fresh sources as of July 28. Compiled them, reset NVRAM, I'm still required to use vsmcgen. I tried your kexts, same thing.

    it happened to me several times so as a workaround I removed the whole opencoremaster folder and cloned it from the github and rebuilt the OC and then built the latest.

  4. @iCanaro

    Yes the same happened here, I thing when you install an application it will update the preboot volume and the main Big Sur drive and therefore it will resolve the preboot issue in the picker.

  5. 40 minutes ago, eSaF said:

    No go - whether it's this version or that version, I still need vsmcgen=1. so time for me to stop pulling at that particular thread :)

    I think you need to update the OC and the drivers as well, here's what happens, with the latest build of OC and the Kexts there is no need for vsmcgen=1 but if you use an older version of the OC and the kexts it will get stuck at boot.

    Here is my latest OC folder and the updated kext. You might need to remove the SSDTs and reconfigure the kexts. 


    Haswell Last update.zip


    18 minutes ago, markl18 said:

    exactly I installed directly from usb . it rebooted 5 times and that was it then coudnt update until some one told me about SIP

     and that's where we are an no I can't log in even -x mode

    if you clean installed the DP3 why did you needed to install the update? I guess you installed the DP2 and then updated to DP3 and now it ended up in the current situation, am I correct?

  6. @viker_14

    Welcome to InsanelyMac.com :)

    This section is for installation guides your topic will be moved to the AMD section.


    To answer your question none of your GPUs are supposed natively under macOS but you can use you AMD GPU (R9 290) with few tricks by using a Fake ID for AMD R9 290X which is 100267b0 under Clover and using FixDisplay ACPI fix or using a SSDT for spoofing the R9 290X GPU settings under OpenCore.

    About the CPU you can also use OpenCore and Clover but I don't have any experience regarding AMD Hacks.


    About the 2070 GPU there is no support in macOS, none what so ever.

    I think OpenCore is the best option for running macOS on your specs.


    Good luck.

  7. Just now, markl18 said:

    should I try the same

    Well I guess if you do a clean install that would be the easiest way to resolve the issue, but even if the same thing happens after a clean install so there must be a misconfiguration in your EFI folder so I guess it's up to you.

    If I understood correctly you didn't have this issue with DP2 correct? so if that happens on DP 3 and after the update I think the update process didn't go quite well.