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  1. ochu

    Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    "Can be the opposite??? this is the part of code in the script that install the stage2 (boot) in Chameleon/Enoch: # Writing stage 2 WRITE_STAGE2() { if [ $InstallBootloader = "1" ];then echo -e "${mainLine}\nWRITING STAGE 2:" cp -R "${i386Dir}/${stage2Loader}" "${choicedVolume}/" <-- copy and replace any existing "boot" file (see man cp) chflags hidden "${choicedVolume}/${stage2Loader}" <-- set the file hidden, but sure it can't fail (see man chflags) echo "Stage 2 (boot) writed to ${choicedVolume}." fi } chflags is a command that change the "file flags" and "hidden" option is defined in the man page as "hidden set the hidden flag [Hide item from GUI]". Probably Chameleon Wizard live the boot file visible, instead the official Installer hide it. Is not a bug, is wanted!" -------------- mm..very strange. I use the installers and the boot file appears at the root. Finishing a Chameleon Wizard install and the boot file reverts to hide state. (Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132 - Chameleon v2.3svn r2538)
  2. ochu

    Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Hi: In my case, a chameleon rev downloaded using Chameleon Wizard 4.4.1 (rev 2538) also is free of the error. Another observation: After completing the install of chameleon using the installers (ermaC or enoch) the boot file is visible at the root of the hard drive while it is not happening using the chameleon wizard app.
  3. ochu

    Chameleon 2.4 svn

    Thanks Micky: Chameleon r2588 installs fine, but I got "AllocateKernelMemory" error after restart such as other user above. FileNVRAM.dylib and kext are installed in my system. Edit: I got "AllocateKernelMemory" error even extracting filenvram file from the modules folder. Currently, I only can use the versions of chameleon from Chameleon Wizard 4.4.1 (up to the current rev. 2538)
  4. ochu

    Chameleon 2.4 svn

    Hi: Can not install chameleon from the version r2510. My boot volume is mbr formatted, HFS+ case sensitive and with Windows 8.1 at other partition from the same disk. There are several entries at the log such as: "Added boot option: GraphicsEnabler=Yes /tmp/PKInstallSandbox.EfxqWM/Scripts/org.chameleon.options.video.graphicsenabler.pgKO8v/postinstall: line 30: /usr/libexec/plistbuddy: No such file or directory" Please Note that plistbuddy is really PlistBuddy (important in case sensitive systems) Thanks for any suggestion.
  5. is selecting KeyLayout at the login screen trggering the beach ball? In my case selecting KeyLayout and typing the password do trigger the beach ball. Also, I cannot login using the root account...more beach ball.
  6. ochu

    Panic Error

    install NullCPUPowerManagement.kext or install a SSDT.aml file in /Extra.
  7. Something more is involved in my case as it is an upgrade from 10.9.5 Mavericks. I will be grateful with any tips to overcome this situation. Thanks!
  8. The beach ball was after upgrade from Mavericks or after a clean install (formatted HD)? Your partition is MBR or GUID?
  9. ochu

    Yosemite MBR Patch

    Is this patch compatible with Case Sensitive MBR Partitions?
  10. Same here...in my setup, MBR and case sensitive Yosemite volume upgraded from Mavericks 10.9.5 and Chameleon as bootloader. Infinite beach ball after typing the password and I can not access to the system. Reinstall does not help nor does -x -v -f ... Fortunately, my files are there while I do login from another partition. I did use just the install from a USB Yosemite installer patched for use in MBR partitions (oldnapalm patch)... the Login Window appears to be borked, clicking on the keyboard layout and any text typed in the password space also trigger the beach ball . The shutdown, sleep and restart buttons are working fine.
  11. Thanks! Your file unlocked my pref pane.
  12. I did that, but Contacts and Reminders (and the Security and Privacy pref pane) are not working in my case, but Calendar, Notes, Facetime Appstore, iCloud, Mail are working. I did upgrade from Lion to 10.8. Will be reinstalling over and reporting. UPDATE: Reinstalling solved all the troubles