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    What network cards work?

    Are any of the aforementioned cards 802.11n for PCMCIA/CardBus or USB? I'm looking to get some 802.11n action on my Dell 9300.
  2. jozeph78

    Draft-n Mini PCI for Dell 9300

    So I take it there's no such thing?
  3. I'm looking around for a mini-pci to replace the Intel 2200 that came in my Dell 9300. I've heard many replace it with the TrueMobile 1450 but is there a Draft-n Mini PCI card out there that I can use with OSX? Thanks!
  4. Hi. I just got my Dell 9300 running with everyting except the Intell 2200 card (I was close). I have to say, it's pretty cool and I couldn't have done it without information found on these forums. I'm glad they exist, thanks. So I go to the update software section and get the 6 updates that were available. i don't know what they were exactly. One was Java 5 update, and the other's seemed benign but they would be whatever the default downloads for a fresh 10.4.8 install would be. After updating, my puter keeps restarting right after "Loading Darwin/x86" is displayed. If I hold F8 I can get the boot menu. I select -v but it reboots before I can get any of the info. Even -s fails to get me to a prompt. I know I should have checked here to determine what updates are safe, I will in the future. For now I'm most interested in determining what broke and was wondering if there was a way I could boot to see what when wrong. I don't care if I have to reinstall, I've done that 5 times today already. I'm just curious on how to figure out what been broken and see if I could save the installation. THanks in advance.
  5. jozeph78

    [Dell Inspiron 9300] Post Install Help

    Awesome. This is an official 9300 install guide. Nothing worked till I did this. Couple things though. I didn't have the Natit folder or kext under /System/Library/Extentions so I got worried when it said file not found. I also had to modify the GeForce.kext/Contents/Info.plist to get GE/CI support. Didn't have to reboot once. Up and running with network now so i can troubleshoot from within the system. Thanks again.