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  1. *Solved* Tenda W311Ma

    Sure One more thing , my sound ... i can't control it :/ or mute or lower the volume...If it functions properly , ill have a fully working macintosh
  2. *Solved* Tenda W311Ma

    This one really worked , it was my mistake that i installed 2 drivers at once xD i just uninstalled 1 and installed the updated one and it worked thanks.
  3. *Solved* Tenda W311Ma

    Thanks for your reply , Some people says it works on lion by using some sort of modified kext ... Any idea?
  4. *Solved* Tenda W311Ma

    Alright guys , i just bought a tenda wifi dongle with an antenna for 20$ ,It says its compatible with macs and it detected the driver and all , but in ralink when i click connect it doesn't do anything ... :@ Info: Mac OSx Lion 10.7.2 Tenda USB Wifi W311Ma Issue : Clicking on connect doesn't do anything Also , There is no 10.7 drivers , so i installed 10.6. Id really appreciate your help, and if you want ill pay you 5$
  5. Alfa usb wifi

    Hello! i was in the store and saw a really cheap (10$) wifi usb , and it says mac compatible at the back , but im not sure :/ i didn't find any broadcom or any other except "Dlink N 150 Pico" WiFi adaptor .. Any ideas?
  6. Hello! Im happy to say i've dual booted Windows7 and Mac OSx Lion using chameleon boot loader instead of the confusing methods of EasyBCD , and both are booting more than fine! BUT i have a problem , Which is my mouse. Just touch the mouse pad and BANG its moving fast and going here and there , as if its sonic and yes , i installed the PS/2 kexts and all .. i tried using a USB mouse , the issue was fixed but the left click doesn't work , im using the right click to navigate and its hard :/ Im now attempting to re-install mac osx because it doesn't affect the dual boot (Using Chameleon). Also one more thing , the sound xD i cant controll it it is always on high unless i use a headphones or using itunes to lower it from there. EDIT: Re-installing it fixed the USB mouse issue but i feel its jump a little bit but that doesn't affect using it also , My laptop mouse still doesn't work ... any idea why ? It was working before , i mean dont say its not supported , It was working before and the windows partition isn't causing anything because i use Chameleon .