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  1. Hi, I recently decided to try to install OS X, but before I show my components and I would like to tell me a guide to follow .. suit me. thanks specs: Intel Core i7 4770K x2 Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 / Intel HD 5000 (SLI) Kingstone 16GB DDR3 2400mHz 4x4
  2. mattia52

    Installare Lion o Mountain Lion senza AHCI

    Giustissimo. eccole acer predator g7700 MOBO = NVidia GeForce 780i SLI CPU = Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 GRAPHIC = 2 card nVidia GeForce GTS 450 RAM = 8GB DDR2 hard disk attack mode = sata or native ide
  3. Ciao a tutti purtroppo la mia MOBO non ha la modalità AHCI e son da qualche mese combattendo per installare uno dei due sistemi operativi. Qualcuno sa come fare? Mi potete linkare a una guida?
  4. there is nothing to do .. wrong! I do not know what to do .. patience thank you anyway
  5. I installed Leopard using this dmg (snowleopard_10a432_userdvd), but I can not find the kext of my video card (nvidia gts 450) and if I upgrade to 10.6.8 I do not work anymore, the best that I can can install is 10.6.7
  6. I tried reading your guide, but honestly I did not understand what to do. I would like to install from Pennine usb in hard drive external partitioned GUID
  7. I'm sorry.. MOBO = NVidia GeForce 780i SLI CPU = Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 GRAPHIC = 2 card nVidia GeForce GTS 450 RAM = 8GB DDR2 hard disk attack mode = sata or native ide For the test I used lion 10.7.2 gm I would use iATKOS l2 because it contains many kext already, I can use it? If it doesn't, advise you which version to use
  8. hello can you help me? I can't install lion, I downloaded install dvd gm lion that includes almost everything you say to put in your guide. Start the installation with a CD containing verdant_nForce_OSX_Lion_Installer_DVD_Booter and not with chameleon. He tells me "waiting for root device", how can I fix this?
  9. Come da titolo ho riscontrato vari problemi riguardo l'installazione del OS . Inanzitutto come boot sto usando verdant_nForce_OSX_Lion_Installer_DVD_Booter Come software ho provato con iAktos l2 ma a quanto pare serve la modalità ahci perciò mi compariva "Still waiting for device" Poi successivamente ho provato con lion gm 10.7.2 ho estratto file basesystem dalla dmg e ho eseguito ripristino e messa nella pennina usb ma con scarsi risultati. Ora vorrei chiedere se qualcuno fosse cosi gentile da spiegarmi una procedura compatibile con la mia mobo che mi faccia per lo meno installare lion poi per i kexts mi arrangierò successivamente... Grazie in anticipo p.s: per ora son riuscito a installare solo snow leopard 10.6 usando user dvd, però non riuscivo a trovare i kexts per la mia scheda video( 2 nvidia gefroce 450 gts da 1GB)
  10. Start with the excuse for my English but I use a translator, I'm not English! Therefore I tried installing lion extracting basesystem.dmg and putting in usb drive by recovery in disk utility. But I failed. Last thing I use verdant_nForce_OSX_Lion_Installer_DVD_Booter. I would like to know who could you explain a simple way to get at least install lion. Thanks in advance.