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  1. I believe this is what he's doing as far as taking the linux driver and modifying it to work with Mac. Now i know for sure he used it fro the iwi2200 one. Could be wrong about that with the ipw3945 driver. Anyways be patient he will have it done when its done.
  2. Jalavoui, Hey man its been awhile sorry haven't been helping much with the iwi2200. Kinda left it in a bad state my fault. What happened is my OS crashed and i got tired of trying to fix it and gave up but am now at the moment reinstalling 10.5.1 on my laptop so should be up in a matter of mins. I'll get back to work on this driver testing it for you and posting stuff. Once again sorry I have been away, school kinda does that to ya but hey i graduate soon so i might be doing this kinda stuff for a living who knows lol. Let me know what i need to do to get it back up and going again. EDIT: Ok Jalavoui got a problem, got it installed and it booted up fine into 10.5. Problem is its not connecting to anything like it keeps saying getting ip address... and then shows a list of the wireless routers around me. None connect when they should. What could be up? What do you need to work on it? This was with the stable drivers rev1195. Should i use the latest?
  3. Hey Jalavoui and mlazy, will have to take that .dmg file down. I lied about it working 100%. After install it wouldn't load for some reason and so i manually loaded it and rebooted and then tried to turn it on and crashed.. Ran in -s and got a KP. Will upload a pic when i get home because no camera with me. I had to revert back to older driver to get it to work again. Whats weird is older driver works with new nsGUI so i can still connect with my hidden SSID. Weird huh. Sorry for this guys.
  4. installed and is working fine so far.
  5. Alright got it!!! here it is let me know if it works everybody k. Thanks Jalavoui! iwi2200.dmg
  6. Be patient i'm trying to build it to upload. NOTE: will only be for 10.5 users
  7. Alright i deleted the old .dmg from folder and opened the project and tried to build it and gave me this error in the picture. WTF does this mean?? lol error.tiff
  8. Alright Jalavoui here's my system.txt file i got. Don't know if it will help or not let me know k. O and since i got it working now do i need to go back in the code and comment that debug stuff out? Also when building it will it take the .dmg in the folder and update it with current kext and nsGUI stuff? Thanks again irBOrNE- it was giving me same thing. I'm about to upload latest .dmg file that supports hidden SSID's and what i did because i didn't trust the .dmg is i just took the kext file and did a manual kextload using the app. or doing it in console (i recommend using the kextloader b7 in applications if you have it cause it does everything for you). After this place the nsGUI and networkSelector in applications folder and reboot. Should be ready to go. system.txt
  9. haha ok i pulled out the new nsGUI from the build and ran it and it finds it but crashes when i try to connect to it. Wheres the log system.txt? Is it just the one from the OS or does iwi2200 create one? just want to make sure. Thanks man EDIT: Alright well i was wrong. it connects to network BUT the icon for nsGUI is gone. Thats why i thought it crashed. Rebooting to see if it still works cause for some reason my OS started running sluggesh. If this works i'll be VERY happy!!
  10. Thats what i did. And nothing. Didn't work, and i have the latest build from the site. built it and manually installed using kextloader. the nsgui isn't showing any hidden networks. Network is called NOMAD and nothing is coming up. Thanks
  11. Hey jalavoui sorry haven't been on here all weekend. Wanted to get some rest. Anyways you say the 2200 is rev 779 correct? Well I'm at school and its not wanting to get the hidden SSID on my schools campus. Its not a secure network its open so no passwords or anything. What would you need to fix this And I could up a version for 10.5 up if you want but problem is this, like i said before when i build it i don't know if it's actually reupdating the kext file and dmg file. And i told you that when i remove the .dmg file from my xcode folder it won't build and gives me a password error. What could be causing this? Thanks.
  12. Here's some logs. system.txt ioreg.txt dmesg.txt
  13. lol yeah i think i will. What do i need to enable to get hidden ssid's? And get this i run it in -s and load kext and run networkselector and works fine. Nothing KP's or crashes. Weird. Must be a graphical thing with network selector? don't know. Well couldn't be cause i ran it in terminal in desktop mode and still froze. Oh well i'll get some logs and up them and you let me know if anything happened k. Thanks Man Oh and did you figure out why i can't remove the old .dmg file in the iwi2200 folder to build a new one? It gives me that password error and doesn't build but if i leave the .dmg file in the folder it builds fine. Any thoughts? I posted a pic of it few post back check it out.
  14. Jalavoui did you not see my post with the image of the error? I posted last night. But what i ended up doing was using kext loader to load the kext it built and everything seems to work. Except for mode 1 Adhoc. Don't know about mode 3. Can i still get logs even if it freezes up when i change to mode to and turn on? Alright just tried to go into mode 1. Ok it turns on fine but when you connect to a SSID it freezes. I'll try to reboot and get logs. Don't know if it will help.
  15. Alright jalavoui i just left the old .dmg file in there and built it and it worked but idk if it updated anything so i tried to manually load the kext files but i dont know where they all go. And when i did this it didn't load the file. I got some logs and stuff but i think its from when it loaded. Did i load it wrong? Cause now its not wanting to load at all. Ah pisses me off dam apple. lol