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  1. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    I wonder if the Intel/RADEON switching is the root of the changes in how framebuffers work in 10.6.7. You have two GPUs sharing a single buffer. Also, might these changes be why the new MBP initially had problems when exiting graphically demanding apps? Until the recent software update I could get my MBP to crash on demand exiting any full screen game. But windowed was fine. Maybe OS X gets universal GPU switching with Intel IGP as the baseline. If so, Apple would give us freedom to add cards, because the 'core' features would be supported by the IGP. Everything else would be gravy.
  2. Assassin's Creed - unofficial cider

    When you are in the Kingdom are the mountain and hills super low resolution textures? If not, you are further than me. I gave up on AC. PoP uses the same engine - I bought the Mac version which uses Cider. PoP runs poorly on my MBP (9600m GT).
  3. How can Apple make gaming better?

    I think Apple needs a Mac app store - and I think one is coming very soon. Like the iPhone, casual games will demonstrate demand for good games and the big players will smell a market they want a piece of. On the hardware side, getting a 9400m baseline is all anyone could ask for.
  4. The Cider Wrapper Library

    Please update OP with http://portingteam.com/ Has anyone seen a CIV IV complete wrapper? I just bought the PC version and would rather run it in OS X than boot camp. PLus I have a copy of the Mac version I bought and I have never really been too happy with its performance (black unit markers and slow performance - plus no expansions and poor PC play in my experience).
  5. The Cider Wrapper Library

    Dude, I could kiss you!
  6. The Cider Wrapper Library

    Is there anywhere where all the cider wrappers are posted sans copyrighted game files? I just want to grab wrappers for games I legitimately own - plus the wrappers are like 50-100 mb.
  7. Wrappers: Dungeon Siege 2 Anyone?

    with ibrain out of order for a while, where is the best place to find wrappers?
  8. Wrappers: Dungeon Siege 2 Anyone?

    would this work for Space Siege too? its free for Alpha Protocol pre-orders on Steam
  9. [HOW TO] Convert Mac demos to full games

    Hey thanks for posting these instructions. My Doom 3 and Prey will get some play on the Mac. Between this and Cider ports, I'll get to revisit all my old PC games.
  10. The Porting Team

    Make sure you stick a Paypal donation link on the site! [edit] nevermind, found it (kind of hard to miss)
  11. The Cider Wrapper Library

    Thanks for the KoTOR 1&2 wrappers! They work great on the new unibody MacBook. I'm inspired to try to make a wrapper for Freelancer.
  12. Acer Extensa 5220 - LOW price´n NICE

    Mine works fine Extensa 5220-2516 I used iAtkos 10.5 v4 with sata and x3100 drivers. The only challenge was the BCM4311 - but I just added the device ID to BCM43xx_enabler.sh The only issues I have right now: sleep, and touchpad that screws up my typing.
  13. A T60 with GMA 950 is going to cost a lot more than a MacBook. Is you are going to buy a hackintosh, you should at least buy one that is way cheaper than the genuine article. The Acer TM 2428 (I wrote a review for notebookreview.com) would be a great place to start. The HP sounds great too.